Crafts for the playground: equip the children's area of ​​the site with homemade products

If the family has small children, it is simply necessary for them to equip a playground in the country. Here they will play outdoors, giving parents a break or going about their business. And when you are free, you can always join them. The game corner in the garden will become much more positive, brighter and more interesting if you use crafts for the playground. There are many ways to make them yourself, which we will discuss in this article.

To decorate the playground, it is not at all necessary to buy expensive garden decor. Self-made crafts will make the site look very original. It will be a unique children's corner that only you and your children have.

Making crafts yourself is pleasant in all respects - materials for such creativity are abundant, and completely free, it’s enough to use imagination, creative imagination, and soon you will be able to please your kids. The work needs to be started by choosing the place where the site will be located. A spacious place near the house is suitable, where there is both sun and shadow.

Good coverage for the site where the crafts will be placed - sand mound or lawn. It is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the lawn so that there are no glasses, sharp pebbles and sticks in the grass so that children can play barefoot, as well as inedible berries. As you know, in childhood we want to taste everything, especially something that looks bright and attractive.

What can be used as raw material?

Second life for old tires

First of all, these are old tires. Currently, used tires are literally gaining a new life - they make flowerbeds, swings and a wide variety of crafts for the playground.

Tires are good in that you can create sports equipment from them. For example, such a tunnel, make a swing, dig into the ground at a distance so that you can jump and walk on them

Today, not only boys, but also girls are delighted with cars. Such a chic car can be made of tires and a plastic chair. A simpler option is to dig 4 tires into the ground and make a wooden seat

From tires, you can create amazing crafts - funny bears (using tires of different sizes, cardboard, an old basin), bright tropical parrots. When painting, they seem to come to life and turn the playground into a corner of joy and positive

Before starting the creative process, the tire needs to be washed and dried. You can walk and jump on the tires dug up while standing, from above you can attach boards, paint them, and make such "climbers" even more interesting. You can make a sandbox out of a big tire, but you simply can’t count the options for creating various figures.

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Palm trees from a bottle and a plastic zoo

Plastic bottles are also a very common craft material. A variety of their shapes and sizes allows you to create very interesting things - palm trees, flowers, figures of insects and animals.

Exotic palm trees will revive any landscape, and making them is not at all difficult. Material like bottles is everywhere. It is not necessary to adhere to strict instructions, experiment by creating a tropical corner

To make such a pig is very simple - use a five-liter bottle for the body, two-liter for the legs. Ears from the tail are also cut out of plastic

Such a flower garden will not fade throughout the summer. Flowers — bottle necks carved in the shape of lilies and bluebells; leaves — bottles without a base, cut into 4-6 parts. Paint them with remote control paint and install in the right place

Such crafts are practical - they are not afraid of either rains or the scorching sun. To make a palm tree, cut the bottom of the bottles and string them on top of each other, insert a metal rod inside - this is the base of the palm. To create a “crown”, use one or several bottles and cut them from the base to the neck into several strips - these will be the leaves. Then cut the sliced ​​parts obliquely so that they resemble hard palm leaves in shape. Insert this bottle into the barrel with your neck. To create a classic palm tree, brown bottles (trunk) and green bottles (crown) are used, but it is not necessary to adhere to classical norms.

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Parade of plywood figures

Plywood is an excellent material for making flat, brightly colored figures that will cheer up anyone. On plywood, you can depict anything - your favorite cartoon characters, heroes of films and books, and then cut out the figures and arrange them in the garden. The composition can be made on a large piece of plywood, it can be used as a fence-delimiter for garden areas.

Figures in the form of characters of your favorite cartoons are always pleasing. A five-liter bottle is also used to create Winnie the Pooh.

Plywood cat and mouse surrounded by flowerpots, located on a soft lawn - a great place for relaxation and outdoor games for kids

Polyurethane foam figures

Polyurethane foam - not too familiar, but interesting material for creating crafts. Figures from it look like toys, look great and really like children.

Figures made of polyurethane foam look ready. The site has a master class on their manufacture, if you are interested, the technique of their manufacture can be mastered

Hedgehogs and ladybugs made of pebbles and boulders

Coarse pebbles are also suitable material. If you color the rounded stones with bright colors, you get funny bugs, hedgehogs or other little animals, depending on what the fantasy tells you. It is better to paint them with acrylic paints, and then cover them with colorless varnish. Drawings with a clear outline look good. First, it is drawn with a pencil, then with black or white paint. Between the contour lines, colored paints are applied.

Such a family of ladybugs will add positive to the children's corner. Painting stones under bugs is the easiest - simple contour drawing is applied, and then bright contrasting paints and varnish are used.

Combinations of materials - room for creativity

You can create interesting crafts from logs by combining parts of a tree of different sizes and different lengths. Combinations of various materials - tires and logs, tires and plastic bottles will not let you get bored at all, you can make a playground that will be envied by those who bought ready-made for their garden.

You can create interesting lawns or flower beds in the form of animals and insects, using bottles as a fence. Work together with children, they usually have completely non-standard interesting ideas.

Funny crocodile flowerbed - suitable decor for the playground, made of plastic bottles (outline), eyes - plywood and plastic

If there was an old tree on the plot that you sawed off, do not rush to get rid of the stump. From it you can make such a great house with a door, roof and windows. It will not only please the children, but will also be a wonderful decoration for the site.

Zebras are made of their logs and tires, the mane is made of plastic. This sports equipment, and home-made garden decor at the same time

To create the sun used plastic bottles and an old tire. The composition is very bright, positive, and easy to make. Corks from bottles are beaten to the tire, then screwed to the bottle - the rays are ready

See more options for crafts from old things here: //

If you still have unused materials after building a house or equipping a garden - do not rush to throw them away. For example, pieces of bright ceramic tiles can lay out tracks, the space around the figures, or use pieces of broken tiles to lay out mosaics, images of various characters. Draw the outline of the figure on the track, and then lay it out with tiles. If laid on the ground or on sand, such a mosaic will be short-lived, but laying on a cement mixture will create an image for years. Rub the seams after drying, and the result will please you.


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