Country style in landscape design: creating an atmosphere of “unity with nature”

Simplicity, naturalness in the design of home interiors and proximity to nature in the arrangement of your own garden today are at the peak of popularity. The landscape design of the village house is a very loose garden style, which is distinguished by the principle of free planting, involving bright colors and uncomplicated decor elements in the design. When reviewing a rustic-style plot, there is a pleasant feeling of complete harmony.

What are the rules for making a village garden?

The rustic style in landscape design involves the design of the site, outwardly resembling a rather simple and slightly neglected, but cozy corner.

Among the characteristic features of this style, simplicity stands out above all. This simplicity manifests itself in every little thing, starting from green grass, which grows not in a perfectly even lawn, but in separate lawns - as she pleases, and ending with fruit trees in the garden, which are also placed a little in a chaotic manner. Flowers can be found not only in the front garden or in the flowerbed, but in garden beds in the rows of vegetables.

The simplicity of the design of the village house is also evident in the decor elements: instead of elegant wrought-iron fences, wicker hedges, instead of elaborate flowerpots and decorations, traditional clay pots

Naturalness and naturalness are also indispensable components that this style suggests. Shrubs and trees grow naturally in their own right, as if in the wild. The courtyard fence entwined with hops or wild grapes gives the impression of a certain neglect. At the same time, you will not find any disorder on the site: each thing is put in their places by the caring hands of the owner. You will not see rare exotic flowers on such a site.

The main heroines of the festival of riot of color remain the simple wildflowers beloved from childhood and the picky beauties perennials

Negligence - this feature can also often be seen in the arrangement of every corner on the site. The design of the village courtyard involves the use of old decor elements in the arrangement, which are located on the site somewhat randomly.

A cart casually thrown near the wicket, decorated with potted flowers, glaziers forgotten on the fence give the impression that the owners have just entered the house, forgetting to remove them from the yard

Arrangement of a fruit garden and a decorative garden

Planning to embody the rustic style in the country, one of the parts of the plot must be assigned to the garden. Moreover, the abundance of the crop is not put at the forefront of the tasks of arranging the orchard. Gentle pruning of the crown allows you to create the effect of naturalness and naturalness of the growth of a fruit tree in natural conditions.

Preference is given to fruit trees that are ready to please the owners with chic flowering in the spring and a delicious harvest in the fall

An integral part of the garden is the garden. It is not necessary to take a large area under it. Small neat beds, located just a few meters, will create the atmosphere of comfort and simplicity that is inherent in the rustic style.

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When arranging a garden plot in a rustic style, mixed cultivation of greens, vegetables and flowers is often practiced. You can plant the beds: fragrant parsley, basil, cilantro. A couple of beds can be reserved for seedlings of your favorite varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers or other vegetables. To obtain a rich harvest under the beds, it is desirable to divert sunny areas in the garden.

Caring for such beds will not be much trouble, but it will be very pleasant for any owner to please their loved ones with juicy greens or freshly picked vegetables

The invariable attribute of the garden is the flowers, the restrictions on the choice of which are determined only by the wishes of the owner. Photophilous daylilies, mallow, black-billed, camomiles will decorate open glades. Shade-tolerant ferns and hosts will adorn tree-lined, cozy corners of the garden. In such a garden there is a place for a sunflower, openwork wild grapes, fragrant hops, various cereals.

Rustic style in the interior of the house and yard

The rustic style in the interior of the cottage provides for the use of mainly natural materials for decoration: wood and stone. Simple garden furniture is traditionally made from wood and vines. A rocking chair is ideal when decorating a gazebo or a corner for relaxation, hidden from prying eyes. Wicker fence is an attractive and bright element that blends in with the landscape and allows you to visually delimit the space, dividing it into zones. Ideally, if the facade of the building on the site is decorated like a house in a rustic style, which in itself is already an original decoration.

You can decorate modern buildings with a siding imitating wooden beams, or using the same bushes and climbing plants: jasmine, wisteria, lilac, viburnum

Thinking over all the details, do not forget about the paths, the material of manufacture of which can be wood, gravel, sand.

Curving paths made of perforated tiles or wooden saws look interesting through which bunches of grass break through

Particular attention is paid to accessories:

The variety of small architectural forms used as a rustic decor is simply amazing: wooden rocker arms and tubs, straw stuffed animals, carts and carts, cart wheels and the most varied variations of the inventory of rustic utensils

As an artificial reservoir, a small pond surrounded by greenery or a decorative well will be most appropriate.

The rustic style is convenient primarily because it gives the owner complete freedom of choice in the design of his site.


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