Choosing a water purification filter for a summer residence: a comparative overview of units

Even at the stage of designing a summer house or a country house for permanent residence, it is worth thinking about a water supply system, because it is impossible to live without clean, safe water. Most often, the source is a well or a well, much less often - an open reservoir or a centralized highway. Due to the spoiled ecology, even underground reserves have become dangerous to use as drinking water, so you should make sure that the water purification filter for giving is an integral part of the system, even if you spend only the weekend outside the city.

Traditional types of water filters

To begin with, we consider three types of filtering that we are familiar with in urban environments. Each of them can be useful in the country, as the summer house in the modern sense is a fully equipped dwelling, with a well-thought-out water supply system and the usual points of analysis - water taps.

Option # 1 - a simple "jug"

The plastic container with a handle and a built-in filter has earned its popularity due to its low price: products from different companies have a cost from 300 to 1600 rubles.

The filter jug ​​cleans the water as follows: the liquid is poured into the upper part, passes through the filter and flows into the lower part, from where it can be drained through the nozzle

We can say that the degree of water purification in the jug is satisfactory, since it retains only visible particles of suspension, rust, chlorine, but does not remove all impurities. From time to time, it will be necessary to change cartridges (100-300 rubles), the resource of which is from 200 to 700 liters. The jug is good for uncomfortable houses in which there is no running water, therefore, there is no way to use other filtration methods.

Option # 2 - nozzles on the crane

Small filters for water purification in a summer house made of metallized plastic were not so long ago favorite devices due to their ease of use: I bought a small cartridge, fixed it on the spout of the tap and use it for a certain time until the resource comes out and a replacement is needed. Nozzles are used on any type of faucet, screwing onto the thread of the nozzle, attaching with the help of special clamps or simply installing next to the sink. The level of water purification is slightly higher than that of jugs, but still not perfect. The filter qualitatively purifies water from rust, chlorine and lime. Ion exchange resin cartridges reduce stiffness. Plus nozzles - budget cost, minus - defective quality of cleaning. In addition, filters are not suitable for all taps. The water purified by the filter nozzle in summer conditions must be boiled.

The one-stage Optima Barrier filter does not need to be screwed onto a crane, it is enough to install it nearby and connect it with a thin hose

Option # 3 - “under the sink” kits

Perhaps this is the best option for water purification not only in the city, but also in the country. The filtration system so effectively retains impurities and bacteria that it can make clean and healthy water from any source. If there is a water supply system in the country house, there will be no difficulty with installing filters. Usually use a "soft" connection, that is, flexible hoses that can optionally be connected independently.

The main plus of the systems “under the sink” in multi-stage cleaning. Some kits disinfect water in four steps:

  • 1 - rough cleaning, during which the largest particles are removed - grains of sand, soil components;
  • 2 - fine cleaning, retaining the smallest impurities, invisible to the naked eye;
  • 3 - an absorption filter that destroys microbes harmful to human health;
  • 4 - a filter that reduces the content of iron and lime.

By installing a similar filtration system in the country kitchen, you do not have to worry about the well-being of households: water will equal bottled water in its properties.

The cost of filters “for washing” depends on the number of filtration steps, manufacturer and model. The cheapest products cost 2, 000 rubles, the most expensive - about 15, 000 rubles

How to purify water from a well or well?

There is special equipment for filtering water from underground sources, the main purpose of which is to retain calcium salts, hydrogen sulfide, iron, magnesium, the content of which exceeds sanitary standards. Multistage systems purify water, producing the following functions:

  • clarification;
  • mechanical cleaning;
  • disinfection;
  • stiffness reduction;
  • removal of iron and rust;
  • the use of sorption filters.

Very often, a smack of iron is present in the water from the well. Filters that fall into two categories will help get rid of it: reagent and non-reagent. When treating water with products of the first category, special chemicals are used - reagents. A special brine based filler removes excess iron.

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System for water from a well: 1 - filter of the first mechanical treatment; 2 - aeration equipment for iron oxidation; 3 - filter to remove iron; 4 - auto filter to mitigate; 5 - sorption filter; 6 - closing filter; 7 - ultraviolet sterilizer; 8 - aeration compressor; 9 - relay

One of the effective methods for obtaining pure water is a reverse osmosis system. If you use it in the country, you can get water that meets all drinking standards. Using this system, heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria, pesticides, radionuclides, which may be contained in water bodies of various origin and location, are removed.

If there is an unpleasant odor, it should be cleaned of hydrogen sulfide - a toxic substance. It is best to deal with this problem with an aeration unit that blows off volatile gases, releasing water for further filtration from iron. To remove excess magnesium, calcium, manganese, filters are used with ion-exchange resins loaded into them. Sodium, which is part of the resins, binds salts of harmful components, making water softer and healthier.

Another cleaning method that has replaced harmful chlorination is irradiation with ultraviolet rays. Disinfection makes the water sterile, free of bacteria and pathogens.

Combined filtration systems for summer cottages have all or several of the above filters that turn liquid from reservoirs and wells into clean, healthy, harmless water.

Overview of Filter Manufacturers

Consider some of the most famous brands of filtration equipment, which are suitable for cottage use.

The company "Aquaphor" produces devices of various types, from primitive jugs to complex multi-stage complexes. If you need simple equipment with well thought out instructions, you should purchase one of the latest Aquaphor designs: the quality of cleaning is high, the price is average.

One of the offers of Aquaphor company is pre-treatment systems in the whole country house, which guarantee high quality of water at all points of analysis: in the bathroom, bathroom, kitchen

Geyser water purification devices have been delighting customers with excellent functionality and ease of use for more than 30 years. Some filtration systems are equipped with reverse osmosis equipment, which guarantees clean water that is not inferior to spring water.

One of the best options from the manufacturer of the Geyser brand is the three-stage Geyser-3 filter, which can turn water from any source into drinking water

Many cottages are connected to village water towers or use relatively clean water from private wells for their water supply. Of course, to purchase an expensive and complex filtration system would be superfluous, a budget option is enough, one of those that the Barrier company offers. The main assortment is nozzle filters and “jugs”.

Jugs "Barrier" are popular among summer residents due to their low cost and ease of maintenance. The average price of a product in an online store is 400-500 rubles

There is more sophisticated equipment that is being improved every day.

Let us recall foreign guests, among whom the American company Ecowaters System, which has been engaged in powerful cleaning systems for less than a century, can be noted. All models have high technical characteristics and a long service life. The only negative is that not everyone is happy with the cost.

Most Ecowater models using ion exchange technology for water purification are fully automated and equipped with a remote control unit

There are many more brands involved in filtering equipment, but not every one of them can be useful in the country. Before buying a cleaning system, it is necessary to identify the shortcomings of the water used in order to choose the right filter and not overpay for extra equipment.


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