Choosing beautiful annual flowers for the garden

Colorful and bright flower beds always fill the garden with rich colors. Annual flowers for summer cottages are good because they allow you to create elegant picturesque and unique plant compositions that act as a bright decoration of the site every year. Using such plants, you can update the appearance of your site every season, transforming the garden in accordance with the mood and taste preferences.

What flowerbeds are best made from annual flowers

Thanks to annuals on the site, you can create a truly luxurious landscape. Most often, flowerbeds, modular flower beds and mixborders form them.

The main advantage of flowering annuals is the ability to go through the entire vegetation cycle in just one season, pleasing the eyes with rapid development and lush flowering throughout the summer

Flowerbeds are herbal compositions that have a certain shape and clear boundaries. The flower beds are mainly given the traditional round, square and rhomboid shapes.

Ornamental arrangement of flower beds provides for the arrangement of composition elements in one plane. The main advantage of such flower beds is their mobility: containers can always be rearranged to more illuminated areas, decorating empty places on the recreation area, or, on the contrary, they can decorate quiet corners in the garden.

Examples of the design of beautiful flower gardens can be found in the material: ozelenenie / cvetniki-pered-domom-na-dache.html

Modular flower beds are picturesque herbal compositions, the design of which uses all kinds of containers

A feature of mixborders is the selection and arrangement of plants in such a way that, as a result, multilevel compositions are formed in which other plants bloom instead of blooming ones

What to look for when choosing plants?

When planning to supplement a flower bed from perennials with several varieties of plants for one season, or if you want to create a flower bed completely from annuals, you need to consider a number of factors:

  • Flowering period. All annual garden flowers are famous for their long flowering, but still some of them ripen earlier and others later. Among the spring can be distinguished: pelargonium, begonia, petunia. From the beginning of June, zinnia, marigolds, marigolds and cornflowers will appear. And until late autumn, flowerbeds will be decorated with aster, lavater, snapdragon and calendula.
  • The place of planting. When arranging the front garden, low and colorful marigolds, nasturtiums and cornflowers are perfect. Spectacular decoration of the fence or the walls of the gazebo can be: decorative sweet peas, morning glory or curly beans. For planting in containers, geranium, begonia, and petunia are well suited.
  • Palette. Choosing beautiful flowers for the garden, every gardener gets a great opportunity to paint his plot in your favorite shades.

Annuals are sun-loving plants. In all its glory, they appear only in a rich, fairly humidified area, well-lit by sunlight.

You can bring bright yellow colors to the blooming green garden by planting coreopsis, calceolaria, sunflower and snapdragon

Dilute the composition with blue tones, by planting Russell's eustoma, Iberisolata brachyca, cornflowers or bindweed

It is easy to add bright strokes of red color with the help of the beauty of salvia, “lights” of balsam or terry “pompons” of a stock rose

Beautiful flowering undersized annuals

Low-growing plants, whose height does not exceed 30 cm, against the background of taller “brothers” always look unusually elegant. Often they are planted as groundcover, which successfully fill in the “gaps” between trimmed decorative shrubs and rose bushes.

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The lowest unpretentious annuals blooming all summer - Iberis, forming snow-white "clouds" of inflorescences, a gentle blue nemophile, night violet with its unique aroma and unusually elegant dwarf viola

Lush “pillows” of the ageratum will become a striking decoration of a rockery or rock garden. The undersized plant forms dense flowering rugs of various shades, starting with pale white, and ending with blue and even saturated lilac.

From the first days of summer to late autumn, compact sunshades of marigolds with miniature flowers adorn the site like sunny bunnies sparkling with golden tints.

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Planting marigolds on seedlings allows you to create beautiful compositions in the garden at the beginning of summer, read about it: ozelenenie / posadka-barhattsev-na-rassadu.html

Cute tiny daisy heads framed by soft green foliage or dwarf snapdragon flowers will adorn curbs along the garden path

Among the low flowering and at the same time picky annuals, one can distinguish compact varieties of silver cellulosia, phlox, godson, forget-me-not, lobelia.

Mid-annual varieties of annual plants

Flowers up to 80 cm high are good not only for creating mixborders and flower beds, often they form the basis of rabatoks, stalls and other mixed flower beds. Therefore, when choosing plants for mixed compositions, it is important to select such varieties that will be harmoniously combined with other plantings in shape and color.

The assortment of medium-sized varieties is quite extensive, which allows you to create the most incredible compositions that will become a real “highlight” of the site.

The decoration of flower beds can be spherical inflorescences of verbena, bizarre-shaped flowers of antirrinum, scarlet “caps” of poppy, or outlandish lilac spikelets of salvia

Among medium-sized “brothers”, which are popular among gardeners due to the extraordinary beauty and ease of care, we can distinguish: dimorphic, cosme, esholtzia, matthiola

When creating complex flower beds with annual plants, they fill in empty spaces after faded bulbous or free spaces between conifers. Their seeds can be sown directly in the soil at a constant place, but to obtain earlier flowering, it is better to use the seedling method.

It will also be useful material with schemes for planting flower beds from annuals and perennials: ozelenenie / sxemy-posadki-cvetnikov.html

Tall varieties

Tall handsome men, reaching a height of 1.5 meters, look spectacular both in solitary performance and in group planting.

The original addition to the mixborder will be dahlias, kohiya, amaranth, allspice tobacco and decorative corn. Some varieties of such plants require a garter to support, which should be considered when choosing a place for planting an attractive plant.

The center of any composition can be: arunkus with white panicled inflorescences, or a datura decorated with snow-white flowers that look like a bell

For single plantings that look most spectacular against a bright green lawn, dolphinium, castor oil and annual terry varieties of mallow are best

Tall flowers fill the background in multi-level flower beds, they decorate the unsightly walls of buildings and use them as hedges.

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Among the vast family of annual plants there are even fast-growing vines, capable of decorating the unsightly walls of farm buildings, fences and fences in just three to four months.

In areas where perennial vines are planted, which still do not give the desired effect, planting sweet peas, foreign nasturtium, morning glory or decorative beans will be an excellent help

Annuals are universal plants for landscaping and decorating a site. Even after cutting, their decorativeness does not lose the breeze, gelichrysum, bristle, and homfren. Fans of floristry use them to create winter bouquets.


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