Canopy Rest Area

The arrangement of a recreation area under a canopy is the simplest version of a garden arbor that you can think of. There is no foundation, walls and strong supports. Simply choose a good place on the site from which you can admire the surrounding landscape, and install racks with a canopy. Moreover, as a roof of this design, you can use almost any material, from modern anti-waterproof fabric to modern acrylic transparent coatings.

After all, the main advantage of the recreation area under the canopy is the maximum simplicity of its device plus mobility if necessary. But such zones look no worse than ordinary stationary arbors, although, in fairness, we note that the border between the overhang and the light air arbor is blurred, and sometimes the same structure can be called both.

The canopy often combines a landscape group into one concept, especially if the furniture, landscaping and garden paths were originally made in completely different styles. But, whatever your undertaking, give preference to light elegant or dark noble tones of the canopy. Even easier - white, which is always a win-win. The main thing is to show in the choice and arrangement of the recreation area under a canopy a sense of taste and style so that it does not look like a lurid market tent. Aesthetics, taste and again aesthetics!

And also, for a recreation area you can make a tent, read more about this: postroiki / shater-tent-dlya-dachi.html

According to the rules of modern landscape design, the canopy itself is usually made in calm tones, without particularly flashy accents. But bright styling touches adds accessories. After all, recreation areas under a canopy are arranged so that all attention is focused on the garden furniture located under the canopy. This is a positive point, because it is not customary to pay too much attention to filling in the gazebo - they take on the roof and walls, which are necessarily “read” in a certain style. Here, the opposite is true:

A voluminous gazebo with a hip roof and pillars made of decorative dark brick. Some elements are painted elegant white to contrast with dark furniture.

A single-pitched gazebo canopy on a metal frame with a polycarbonate roof, attached to the house.

A classic metal gazebo on six pillars - for the most mysterious corners in the garden. Properly selected colors and details support the invented architectural game of the past and present.

A small gazebo-umbrella in the style of a summer cafe: light, durable and reliably protected from the rain.

A sophisticated pergola pergola made of light wood with harmonious flooring and furniture. A beautiful and sophisticated option that fits perfectly into the landscape of any style.

Bright festive arbor with dense curtains for the most cozy evenings. Well thought out design, where the emphasis is on elegance and ease.

Elegant arbor of the color of milk chocolate with trellises instead of supports. Such a color scheme today is a squeak of landscape fashion!

Miniature gazebo in dark cold tones near the river. It fits perfectly into the oriental style garden and is located in the most successful perspective

A cozy gazebo, built in a combination of three completely different materials: stone and iron and wood, with a four-sloped hip roof and a compactly organized interior space. It is located a little on a hill so that you can view the entire garden from it.

An open light arbor in the half-timbered style is a vivid semantic accent of the whole landscape design, around which the rest of the garden concept is built.

A corner of familiar urban comfort in the middle of a lush garden in a landscape style. Fashionable and creative solution by an experienced designer!

An aesthetic gazebo with a sophisticated Scottish-style roof structure, with an oven and barbecue. Perfectly matched indoor garden furniture and accessories, including even a lamp.

Closed gazebo, built on the principle of a greenhouse. Inside, it is very light and warm, although the design itself for Russian latitudes looks still extraordinary.

A bright, translucent art gazebo in an artistic style, made of wood frame and polycarbonate, with modern furniture inside.

Massive attached gazebo with brick walls-supports and atypical garden furniture by the pool. The main focus of this building is designed - the luxury and ambition of the owners.

Very durable wooden pergola, but without plants. Warm wood in perfect synthesis with cold garden furniture material. Nice touch!

Such a summerhouse can be built by any summer resident, but there will be many benefits from it. The main thing is that the canopy itself should look harmoniously against the background of a house or other gazebo.

This canopy sail is a rather complicated idea, the main purpose of which is to create a feeling of airiness, wind and the proximity of the sea.

A rather rough and bulky gazebo canopy, the whole effect of which smooths out a beautifully cleaned garden table.

A whole architectural and landscape ensemble of metal, built using unusual technology. Beautiful, practical and original!

Awnings are built over the rest area around the world from plastic, metal and wood. Often, the racks and supports themselves are made in the form of a trellis or trellis to add a decorative effect or let the plants curl up. Styling details also add to their charm, which are important to emphasize correctly. But it is especially popular today to equip a canopy in the form of a pergola, with arches or horizontal repeating elements.

The design of such garden elements has its own peculiarities: the only striking feature is the canopy, or rather, its color and texture of the material from which it is made. If you want your garden paradise to be bright, sunny and bright, then translucent matte materials will suit you.

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But if you want partial shade or the creation of a particularly charming atmosphere, then give preference to fabrics or tinted polycarbonate material. But in order to completely hide from the sun and bad weather, opaque colored materials are more suitable.

You can learn more about how to make a polycarbonate canopy yourself from the material: postroiki / naves-iz-polikarbonata-svoimi-rukami.html

When choosing a suitable canopy option, immediately think: will it be functional in the winter? If not, then you can give preference to fabrics that give any garden a special charm and romance. If so, then it is better to opt for cellular or colored polycarbonate. It is easy to bend it into almost any shape, realizing its unique design.

Another important point: if you are arranging a canopy over a barbecue oven, keep in mind that quite a strong heat will constantly rise from it. And therefore, non-heat-resistant materials can not be used for it.

You can also build a barbecue with your own hands, read about it: postroiki / pech-barbekyu-svoimi-rukami.html

Under the canopy itself, garden swings, a cafe zone or a mini-beach with sun loungers are most often arranged. But there is an important rule: it is advisable not to put two different canopies (and the same ones too) in the same visual zone of the garden, because usually they look ridiculous together, and the whole impression of landscape design is hopelessly spoiled.

Usually such a recreation area is an independent constructive solution, made in the same style and is the organizational center of design, from which you need to build on. And our last valuable advice: bring several paths from the garden to the recreation area at once!


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