Boxwood in the garden: 50 photos of the best ideas for use in landscape design

One day, the Count, strolling through his large garden, thoughtfully looked at the overgrown boxwood shrubs, which in large numbers grew throughout the infield. Returning to the house, the owner of the estate called the manager and ordered him to find the best gardener who can create beautiful compositions from plants in the near future ...

A week later, the Earl was talking with an elderly man who once looked after plants in a local abbey. The new main gardener asked to give at his disposal several people whom he could teach the art of curling trees, and the Count, respecting the request of the old man, went away for a long time on business to his city residence ...

Alhambra Garden in Spain

Boxwood in flowerpots

Boxwood hedge

Having returned after some time, he did not recognize his completely transformed garden. Walking slowly along the path leading to the house, he drew attention to the neatly trimmed boxwood bushes lined with rows of hedges.

In a large flowerbed, he noticed a familiar evergreen shrub, against which beautiful flowers stood out with bright spots. Boxwood was also present at nearby mixborders.

Crossing into the courtyard, the Count delightedly stopped at a high, stambular climbing rose ringed with a low sheared boxwood. The garden was divided into plots delimited by hedges from the same shrub.

A large green figure could be seen in the distance, and the interested Earl hurried there. He walked along the garden paths, on both sides of which were placed rabatki and curbs with neat green fences.

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Finally, the estate owner went to a large open area of ​​his garden, where an old boxwood tree grew, but now it looked completely different. A magnificent tapeworm with a trimmed crown rose in the middle of the lawn.

Around are the topiary figures of various characters created by the hands of gardeners. There was a place for cheerful little men sitting on a bench, animals, birds and even a well-fed caterpillar. The count smiled.

Having enjoyed an unprecedented spectacle, he went down the stairs and went around the mansion in a circular way, looking around. With surprise, the man found that boxwood dominates in this shady part of the garden. This time, an amazing shrub was planted in large flowerpots and flower containers, organically blended into the landscape design ...

An excited main gardener stood near the house and looked forward at Count.

- Dear friend! - he began. “I'm just delighted with the marvelous garden you created.” I did not expect boxwood to be so many-sided and beautiful.

“Venerable Sir, be sure to come to the estate in winter.” Snow-covered plants are incredibly beautiful under a silvery white veil! - the Master said quietly, stealthily wiping the tears of joy that came out.

Without a doubt, boxwood is the most favorite shrub for landscape designers who are not tired of finding more and more new applications for this plant.


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