Blackberry Brzezina - a new promising variety from Polish agromasters

In total, there are more than 400 blackberry cultivars in the world, but not every one of them produces large, juicy and sweet berries. To choose a suitable variety, gardeners have to carefully study thematic publications and catalogs. In recent years, many new Polish breeding products have appeared on the agricultural market. Among them, the blackberry Brzezina is a young but very promising hybrid variety that our gardeners have not yet managed to appreciate.

History of growing Blackberry Brzezin

The author of the variety is Dr. Jan Danek from Poland. In 2012, he, together with his colleague Agnieszka Oryl, brought out the Brzezin variety by complex crossing several clones of the blackberry Black Satin and Darrow. These parent varieties are characterized by high productivity and excellent taste.

Blackberry Brzezina - a variety that in the future may become very popular among gardeners

The Brzezina variety was propagated for further use in the laboratory of the Institute of Horticulture, which is located in the Polish city of Brzezne. At home, the new variety showed very good results. The first seedlings of Brzeziny went on sale in the spring of 2015, so the variety is not yet sufficiently tested by Russian gardeners.

Many varieties from Polish nurseries have been successfully tested in our horticultural farms.

Grade description

Blackberry Brzezina is registered as an early ripe variety. However, it is worth adjusting for the difference in climatic conditions in different regions. For example, in a mild Polish climate, Brzezina can produce the first crop in early July, and in the middle zone of Russia and Ukraine - one to two weeks later.

Distinctive features of the variety are a large growth force, the absence of thorns and large berries with high taste. The fruits of Brzezin’s blackberry are quite dense, with a pleasant taste. They are not bitter, not sugary-sweet, but have a pleasant acidity. The taste quality of the berries was assigned a score of 4.6 out of 5. The average fruit weight is 5–6 g, and some berries reach 7–9 g. The total yield for the entire period of fruiting of the bush varies within 8 kilograms.

Brzezin blackberry seedlings are usually sold with a closed root system

The fruits of this variety have an exceptional presentation. They have a slightly conical elongated shape and are painted in intense black with a characteristic sheen. Such a blackberry is in steady demand among buyers.

Dense brushes form on the shoots of the blackberry Brzezin, which facilitates harvesting

In appearance, the bushes of the blackberry Brzezin are not much different from other varieties. Fruiting, as with most forms of cultivated blackberry, begins in the second year after planting. In the first year, shoots grow quickly, well covered with leaves, but do not form flowers. In the spring of next year, numerous flowers appear on last year's shoots, and in the second half of July - the first ripe berries.

The maximum disclosure of the varietal qualities of Brzeziny is observed only in the third year after planting, when the plant enters stable bearing. With proper agricultural technology and proper care, Brzezina will thank the gardener with an excellent harvest of fragrant berries.

Brzezina blackberry bush has well-branched shoots with many berry brushes

The variety belongs to tall shrubs reaching a height of 3 meters. As a rule, gardeners for the convenience of harvesting do not allow the shoots to rise more than 2 meters in height, so the plant needs annual pruning. Brzezina almost does not form shoots, but with damage to the root system, the number of root offspring increases.

The young shoots of Brzeziny in the first year build up strength, blackberries only bear fruit in the second year

Blackberry Brzezina is a hybrid with a wide range of benefits. But this blackberry has its own characteristics, which are important to consider when planting and growing.

Table: Variety Advantages and Disadvantages

Frost resistanceAbundant fruiting is observed only in the third year
High yield for the third year of fruitingA small number of root offspring
Early ripeningBerries are baked in the sun, despite the declared heat resistance
Resistance to most diseasesIn winter needs shelter
Rarely affected by pests
High fruit transportability
Pleasant taste and dense berry texture

The taste of the blackberry depends on the place where it is planted. In the shade, the bushes do not develop well, because of the lack of light the berries can have excess acid. However, plants in the sun often suffer from a lack of moisture, which leads to poor development of the ovaries. In hot weather, Brzeziny’s fruits are baked in the sun, although breeders initially stated that it was unusual for the variety. It is worth noting that other blackberry cultivars in the conditions of hot summer suffer from the sun. This must be remembered when planning a future crop.

The Brzezina variety is characterized by abundant fruiting, however, the peak yield occurs only 3-4 years after planting

Horticultural experience has shown that Brzezin needs to be sheltered for the winter, especially in the first years after planting. In the southern regions, this variety can grow without shelter.

Features of growing blackberries varieties Brzezina

Blackberry has long become a familiar culture in summer cottages, but for its successful cultivation it is necessary to follow the rules of agricultural technology. Otherwise, you can not only not wait for high yields of delicious berries, but even ruin young seedlings.

Planting a blackberry

Choosing a place to plant a blackberry, you should look at your site a cozy corner, protected from the winds, with good lighting. It is best to install a blackberry trellis along the fence on the south side of the house. A high fence will protect the plants from too hot sun and possible gusts of wind.

The right place to plant a blackberry is a guarantee of abundant harvests

Planting can be autumn (September - October) or spring (April - May). Plants planted in autumn should be well rooted before persistent frosty weather. With spring planting, rooting is much faster than in autumn, but it is also important to comply with the deadlines.

Blackberry autumn planting should be carried out 2-3 months before the onset of persistent frost

Blackberry planting material is most often seedlings with a closed root system. Some sellers sell planting material with open roots, this is permissible when transporting seedlings for a short distance. In any case, the root system must be maximally preserved during planting in the ground.

If you are going to plant seedlings with an open root system, you can dust the roots with drugs that stimulate growth (for example, Kornevin).

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Before landing, they dig a trench 30 cm deep.

    The depth of the trench for planting a blackberry should be slightly larger than the bayonet of a shovel (about 30 cm)

  2. Blackberry seedlings are lowered into a prepared trench and sprinkled with earth at half height. The soil is slightly compacted. Planting scheme - 1x1.5 meters (1 meter between plants and 1.5 - between rows).
  3. Then they shed well with water, sprinkled with earth to the edge of the trench and mulched with peat or stale sawdust.

    The blackberry seedling planted in the trench is sprinkled with earth and spilled well with water

  4. On the surface of the soil, a part of the shoot 20-30 centimeters high is left, cut off all the excess.

The soil can be any, but blackberry grows best on slightly acidic and light soils. It is not necessary to introduce special fertilizers into the ground, but in the spring it is recommended to fertilize with a complex of mineral fertilizers. You can sprinkle granules near the bushes or spill liquid fertilizer under the root (depends on the type and method of application of the complex). This will help plants recover quickly after winter and get all the necessary elements for active growth.

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Video: planting a blackberry with a closed root system

Care Features

Brzezina is resistant to diseases and pests, so treating it unnecessarily with insecticides or antifungal drugs is not worth it. At the flowering stage, it is recommended to feed the blackberry bushes with a nitrogen-mineral complex, and during budding - with mineral complex fertilizer.

The ground under the blackberry bushes should always be moist. To keep the moisture well, you need to mulch the soil with peat, humus or sawdust.

Although Brzezina is a frost-resistant variety, it is still worth it to play it safe and tilt the shoots to the ground, covering them with agrofibre, cardboard or other covering material. Thus, the bushes overwinter well and are not damaged by frost.

Blackberry bushes for the winter should be covered with agrofibre or other covering material

Blackberries of this variety are well propagated by dividing the root system, layering and cuttings. To get good seedlings, the tops of the shoots need to be dug up for rooting no later than the first ten days of September.

Berry picking and storage methods

The berries of Blackberry Brzezin are harvested as they ripen. As a rule, they ripen in waves, very unevenly - this is both an advantage and a disadvantage of the variety. On the one hand, it is necessary to constantly monitor the harvest and pick ripe berries in time, on the other hand, gardeners have the opportunity to enjoy fresh fruits right up to the first frosts.

The high shelf life of the Brzezina variety makes it possible to preserve berries without losing taste for up to four days. Fresh fruits should be stored at temperatures from zero to three degrees Celsius. In terms of its chemical composition, blackberries are ahead of raspberries, and when stored properly, they retain their beneficial properties to the maximum.

Before laying for storage, blackberries cannot be washed! The peel of the fruit is very thin, and the berries quickly let out the juice.

Berries of the Blackberry variety Brzezina are characterized by good transportability

There are many ways to harvest blackberries for the winter. Berries canned, dried, stored in a freezer.

After drying, from 800 grams of fresh blackberry, 100 grams of dried fruit is obtained. To do this, the berries are laid out in the sun on a special pallet, pre-lined with parchment paper, or laid in the oven. The blackberries are dried at the lowest temperature, slightly opening the oven door. So the berries are kept for three hours or more, checking their moisture from time to time.

Dried blackberries retain most of the nutrients

Preserving Blackberry Brzezin is also a good way to preserve the crop and replenish its winter supplies. But it should be borne in mind that during heat treatment, part of the benefits of the berry is lost.

Blackberry jam is tasty and healthy, but when cooking, most of the vitamins are lost

Deep freezing blackberries allows you to enjoy the taste of summer on winter evenings. Exposure to low temperatures also leads to the loss of part of the nutrients in the berry, but in a smaller amount than when cooking jam.

Frozen blackberry preserves the maximum amount of useful microelements

Blackened with sugar blackberries in a 1: 1 ratio is a great treat for the whole family and the best way to preserve the beneficial properties of the berry in winter.

Blackberry mashed with sugar retains all its beneficial properties until the next harvest

Gardeners reviews

He made the opening and garter of Brzeziny, the bush year in May, wintered perfectly under agrofibre (50), strong growth, overtook even the two-year-old Logtey, gave 6 bushes, very beautiful, could be more, but did not strain, there are already a couple of shoots of substitution, carefully you need to open it, wait for the berry, it responds well to dressing, darling, that's something like that.


`Brzezina` (clone 98564) —- a new beshipny, the earliest grade of the Polish selection. The berry is large and medium, transportable.


In the fall I got Brzezina. For the winter I took it home to grow. When they grew 2 branches of 50 cm each, I dug it in the pots. I got 2 seedlings after I again dug the cut branches. After ten days I checked - callus and root primordia formed again


Judging by the reviews, the blackberry Brzezina is a promising variety, which is fully disclosed only in the third or fourth year of fruiting. It is during this period that the peak yield is observed. The variety is characterized by increased resistance to diseases and pests. Agricultural technology is quite simple, so even the most inexperienced gardener can cope with planting and care. In the future, Brzezina will be able to successfully take root in summer cottages and in horticultural farms.


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