The best varieties of strawberries for the Moscow region: how not to make a mistake in choosing

Strawberries are grown everywhere: from the warm coast of the Black Sea region to the northern corners of our country. But not all varieties of this culture are suitable for planting in a particular region. Many of the varieties are regionalized, and not without reason. For example, in the Moscow Region, where it would seem that the climate is ideal for this fragrant berry, gardeners and gardeners prefer frost-resistant varieties. After all, the middle strip of Russia is famous for unpredictable spring and autumn frosts. In addition, there are many more nuances that must be taken into account if we choose varieties for cultivation in the Moscow Region.

Variety Selection Criteria

The suburbs are characterized by unexpected frosts in late spring and early autumn. It is impossible to predict them in advance, so quite often most of the landings die from them. However, if the plants themselves survive, the peduncles will be beaten by frost and you will not have to wait for the harvest either. For this reason, varieties resistant to cold are selected for cultivation.

Unpopular among gardeners in the Moscow Region are remontant and ultra-early strawberry varieties. They most often suffer from frost.

Another important selection criterion is drought tolerance. Summer weather in this region is quite mild, warm, with frequent rains. But in recent years, the climate presents frequent surprises in the form of prolonged heat. Accordingly, it is worth making sure that the strawberries feel comfortable at any time of the year.

In addition to weather conditions, experts advise when choosing a variety to pay attention to the following indicators:

  • productivity
  • strawberry fruit size,
  • resistance to diseases and pests,
  • taste of berries
  • ripening dates.

The best varieties of strawberries for the Moscow region

In this region, you can grow different varieties of strawberries: early, late, large-fruited, zoned and universal. It is impossible to talk about everyone for the reason that there are so many of them. Only zoned varieties in the State Register there are more than 100. That is why we decided to announce the list of the best of the best.

Table: Zoned Varieties

Grade nameCharacteristic and Description
  • average late ripening period;
  • included in the State Register in 2004. One of the new strawberry varieties bred by breeders in Barnaul;
  • zoned for central Russia, as well as the Northwest District;
  • universal in application: it can be used in fresh, frozen form, it is perfect for harvesting for the winter;
  • bushes are powerful, sprawling;
  • a large number of mustaches, peduncles of both sexes;
  • abundant fruiting;
  • non-repairing;
  • resistant to frost, but requires shelter for the winter;
  • the average weight of the berry is 7 g, a high level of sugar content (8.5%);
  • tolerates transportation well.
Moscow Delicacy
  • early ripening;
  • bred in 1998;
  • It was originally zoned for Central Russia, but since 1999 has been admitted to all regions of our country;
  • universal in application;
  • bushes of medium growth, semi-spreading;
  • there are few mustaches, which undoubtedly will please most gardeners;
  • remontant;
  • resistant to frost and drought;
  • berries of medium size, saturated red, have a sweet and sour taste, aromatic.
Wima Xima
  • late ripening;
  • entered in the State Register in 2013;
  • zoned;
  • high yielding;
  • bushes are powerful, sprawling;
  • a large number of mustaches;
  • winter hardy; tolerates spring and autumn frosts; unstable to drought, but with regular watering withstands extreme heat;
  • large-fruited - the average weight of one berry reaches 20 g;
  • Despite the juiciness of the berries, it tolerates transportation over long distances.
  • medium late;
  • included in the State Register since 2002;
  • zoned for the Central District;
  • high yielding;
  • bushes are tall, shaped like a ball;
  • a small number of mustaches;
  • frost resistant; resistant to various diseases;
  • the average weight of the fruit is 13 g, great taste, high sugar content of the fruit;
  • the need for regular treatment from pests: insects really like these sweet juicy berries and plentiful foliage.
  • late ripening;
  • bred by breeders in 2007;
  • zoned for the Central District;
  • high yielding;
  • non-repairing;
  • bushes of medium height, with plentiful foliage;
  • drought and frost resistant; not afraid of spring and autumn frosts;
  • the average weight of the fetus is 14 g, tender juicy pulp;
  • tolerates transportation and freezing well;
  • increased resistance to diseases and insect pests.

Photo Gallery: Zoned Strawberry Varieties for Moscow Region

Rusich bushes have the shape of a ball

Strawberry variety Moscow Delicacy - early ripening, remontant

Wim Xim strawberry berries reach a weight of 20 g

Strawberry varieties Bereginya well tolerates transportation and freezing

Anastasia strawberries are resistant to frost, but require shelter for the winter

Video: strawberry varieties, including Bereginya and Rusich - description

The best large-fruited varieties

Each gardener tries not only to collect as much strawberries from the beds as possible, but also to grow a large berry. The larger the strawberries, the more convenient it is to peel, wash, not to mention canning or homemade desserts. Any housewife would like to please the guests with delicious dishes, and boast that they made such a large and juicy strawberry with their own hands. In this case, it is better to choose large-fruited varieties of berries.

Table: large-fruited strawberry varieties for the Moscow region

Grade nameCharacteristic and Description
  • high yielding;
  • bushes can grow up to 0.5 m;
  • there are many mustaches, thick and flexible, they grow rapidly, which is quite problematic for the owners of the site;
  • the weight of one berry can reach 100 g with proper cultivation and proper care; very sweet and juicy taste;
  • frost-resistant, drought-resistant;
  • long-term - with good care, it can bear fruit up to 10 years;
  • unpretentious to the composition of the soil, but does not like marshland;
  • resistant to various diseases, including fungi and rot.
  • high yielding;
  • the weight of one berry even exceeds the Lord variety - 110–120 g;
  • frost-resistant, medium resistance to drought;
  • exacting to the soil - prefers loams;
  • resistant to diseases, but especially attractive for pests: when planting Gigantella on a site, you need to take care of protection from insects and birds.
  • high yielding;
  • inferior in size to the Lord or Gigantella varieties, but it is large-fruited - the weight of one strawberry varies from 40 to 47 g, the berries are juicy, sweet-sour in taste, bright red in color;
  • frost resistant;
  • after two years, it is advisable to completely renew the berry, as strawberries grow smaller with each new crop;
  • universal in application;
  • tolerates transportation and freezing well;
  • resistant to diseases and pests.
Moscow Anniversary
  • there is another name - it is affectionately called Mashenka;
  • high yielding;
  • the weight of strawberries can reach 100 g, rich red berries have a glossy shine, fragrant, juicy and sweet to the taste;
  • the berries are slightly watery, which does not allow the use of strawberries in freezing;
  • frost resistant;
  • well tolerates transportation over short distances;
  • unpretentious, not susceptible to various fungi and rot, but attractive to feathered inhabitants of garden plots.
Queen Elizabeth
  • early ripening;
  • high yielding;
  • great strawberry flavor, high in sugar;
  • tolerates spring and autumn frosts well, even in light winters it does not freeze at a temperature of –25 ° C;
  • universal in application;
  • perfectly tolerates transportation and freezing;
  • resistant to various diseases and pests;
  • unpretentious to the soil.
  • high-yielding: from one strawberry bush you can collect up to 2 kg of berries per season;
  • remontant;
  • the weight of one berry is usually 45–50 g, the mass of fruits depends very much on the fertility of the soil and the frequency of top dressing - when grown in soil saturated with microelements, strawberry weight of 70–80 g can be achieved;
  • can be grown in an open area or in closed ground, in greenhouse conditions bears fruit throughout the year;
  • used in the preservation and preparation of desserts;
  • does not differ in frost resistance;
  • well tolerates transportation and long-term storage in cool rooms.

Photo gallery: varieties of large-fruited strawberries

The Strawberry Festival variety is popular among gardeners due to its unpretentiousness and increased frost resistance

Large fragrant berries of the Moscow Anniversary strawberry delight in taste

In greenhouse conditions, the Albion strawberry variety is able to bear fruit all year round.

Gigantella strawberry berries reach a weight of 110–120 g

Elizabeth strawberries are resistant to many diseases and pests

Strawberry varieties Lord is able to bear fruit up to 10 years

Early strawberry varieties for Moscow region

In whatever region we live, no matter what crops we plant on our site, I always want to harvest the first crop early. To pamper yourself with fragrant berries in the spring, we select early strawberry varieties for the Moscow region:

  • Anita:
    • high-yielding - from one bush, with proper care, you can collect up to 2 kg of strawberries;
    • frost resistant;
    • Pleases gardeners with large dense berries of orange-red color weighing up to 50 g;
    • unpretentious to soils, but does not grow in clay soil;
    • not affected by rot, powdery mildew and fungi;
    • juicy fragrant berries of this variety are universal in application and perfectly tolerate transportation.

      Dense large berries of the Anita strawberry variety perfectly transport transportation over long distances

  • Alba:
    • high yielding;
    • it is intended for cultivation at home and in greenhouses, planting in open ground is undesirable, grows well in flower pots and containers;
    • not cold resistant;
    • berries do not grow smaller with each new crop;
    • transportable.

      Strawberry variety Alba is intended for cultivation in greenhouse and home conditions.

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  • Royal:
    • early ripening;
    • high-yielding - from one bush of Deroyal you can collect about 1 kg of berries;
    • unpretentious to the composition of the soil;
    • non-cold, can be grown in greenhouses or in open ground. For the winter, Deroyal is covered with humus, straw, because in snowless winters, which quite often have been in the Moscow Region in recent years, it can freeze;
    • heat resistant, but requires systematic watering;
    • not susceptible to many diseases, including powdery mildew.

      The early ripening variety Deroyal is grown in greenhouses and in open ground

  • Cardinal:
    • high-yielding - from one bush gathers up to 1 kg of strawberries;
    • non-repairing;
    • berries of medium size and weight, having the shape of a cone, weighing usually from 20 to 30 g;
    • cold-resistant, grown in open ground and in greenhouse conditions;
    • very photophilous;
    • unpretentious to soils;
    • transportable;
    • universal in application.

      The cold-resistant Strawberry variety Cardinal tolerates weather extremes and unexpected frosts.

  • Kent:
    • high yield - 0.7 kg per strawberry bush;
    • increased frost resistance - spring and autumn cold snap, snowy winters are not afraid of him;
    • resistant to many diseases and pests, except verticillosis;
    • the berries are dense, sweet;
    • fruits are stored for a long time in cool rooms and perfectly transport transportation over long distances.

      From one Kent strawberry bush you can collect 700 g of juicy sweet berries

Late Strawberry Varieties

To strawberry delight juicy sweet fruits as long as possible, you should pay attention to varieties with a late ripening. When the harvest from early strawberries is harvested, the following will not have to wait long:

  • Bohemia:
    • high yielding;
    • non-repairing;
    • long fruiting period;
    • berries are juicy, dark red in color, very sweet and fragrant, average weight reaches 50 g; it is one of the varieties with a high level of sugar content;
    • used in canning and confectionery;
    • cold resistant;
    • unpretentious in leaving;
    • undemanding to the composition of the soil;
    • transportable.
  • Senior citizen of Chelsea. This name evokes a kind smile, and a football team immediately looms before your eyes. But seriously speaking, this high-yielding variety is indeed moody, like some football stars:
    • berries are juicy, sweet and fragrant, but their size and taste are directly dependent on care;
    • sensitive to watering, heat, drought, badlands, unexpected cold snap;
    • a good harvest in the first summer after planting a Chelsea Senior Citizen should not be expected, it will only be in its second year;
    • transportable;
    • resistant to rot and powdery mildew.
  • Malvina:
    • high-yielding - from one plant collect up to 2 kg of berries;
    • frost resistant;
    • fruits are juicy, dense, refers to varieties with a high sugar content;
    • perfectly tolerates transportation and long-term storage;
    • reduces yield with each fruiting season;
    • poor resistance to rot.

Photo gallery: late strawberry varieties for Moscow region

Malvina high-sugar strawberries

Strawberry variety Bohemia unpretentious in care

Chelsea strawberries are sensitive to growing conditions

Video: Malvina variety description

Reviews gardeners about varieties

I have Malvina from SP 2014. The bushes are huge, I wintered remarkably. It began to ripen when Xima ended. The shape of the berries is round, the taste is excellent. There are no leafy berries at all (I have not seen a single one) both on the frigos themselves and on the mustache received from them. On the mustache, planted late, in the fall excellent large berries, and ripen before the mothers. All neighbors have strawberries over. Definitely a divorce.


I have only one left to bear fruit of Wim Xim. The flower stalks are powerful, there are many berries on them, large, beautiful ... To my surprise, maybe the sun has become more, I now like it (I already left Eliana, a competitor to her taste).

Star of the north

About the winter hardiness of Albion. The last two winters were quite warm, so it was not possible to fully verify the winter hardiness of the variety. In the winter of 2014–2015 the variety moved the week of November frosts to –11 ... –13 degrees without any shelter without any problems.

Roman S.

As you can see, there are many varieties of strawberries grown in the Moscow Region. Dwell on one of them or constantly experiment - everyone must decide for himself. We hope that now it will be easier to decide on the choice of variety for your site thanks to our advice.


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