The best ten ideas for New Year's decoration of a country house and a plot

Celebrating the New Year in nature is the dream of many citizens. But it can be realized only for those lucky ones in whose possession there is even a small but own plot outside the city. And, of course, those who are friends with them. Imagine how wonderful it is to escape from the bustle of the city and plunge into the world of fresh air, silence and amazingly white snow. Of course, you can pre-cook any yummy and bring it with you, but you should definitely make a spicy kebab-smelling barbecue in the country. Just to make the fairy tale come true and to be complete, you must definitely warm the house and decorate it for the arrival of guests. We will talk about the secrets of outdoor decoration of the house and the plot.

Idea # 1 - funny ice decorations

Not everyone is lucky in winter with frost. This option of decoration can only afford the inhabitants of cold places. However, if cold weather without thaws is moderate during the holidays, you can prepare spectacular ice decorations in the freezer in advance and use them. To do this, in suitable forms, you need to beautifully lay the leaves, twigs, bright berries of viburnum and mountain ash, small shells, cones, toys and pour water. Even tinted water, frozen in the form of a green Christmas tree, a red apple or multi-colored candies will look great.

As a basis for ice decorations, you can use not only traditionally winter coniferous twigs and berries of mountain ash or viburnum, but also flowers or petals

Do not forget to equip your ice crafts with braid or thread, for which it will be easy to hang them. You can decorate a living Christmas tree in the yard of your house with such toys or just branches of trees. They are hung under the roof of the house, installed on the fence posts or on the edges of the stairs. An unusual Christmas wreath of ice will require a large shape. Twisted by a traditional scarlet or golden ribbon, it will look so unusual that it will undoubtedly attract the attention of your guests.

Cupcake baking tins are commonly used to create such a wreath. To remove the finished wreath from the mold, briefly leave it warm

Idea # 2 - Christmas crafts from the branches

Do not throw away small twigs that remain after the autumn pruning of trees. The time has come to put them into action. On the eve of the New Year, it is precisely them that can be used to create wonderful decorations of various kinds.

Both snowmen are made in the same way, based on the use of branches left after the autumn pruning of trees

We will offer you only a few options, but we are sure that you can supplement this list yourself.

  • Christmas wreaths. They are made very simple, but they look creative. Of course, they can and should be decorated using ribbons, Christmas decorations and other attributes that we strongly associate with New Year's celebration for this purpose.
  • Snowman. To realize this idea, it is enough to paint several thin twigs in white, twist them into three wreaths, tie a wonderful winter scarf to an impromptu man, put a hat on it and hang Christmas balls and tinsel on his neck. So literally in an hour and a half, a funny snowman will appear on our front door.
  • New Year's composition. To create a Christmas composition, you can paint the branches in white, golden, silver or red. And you can just cover them with transparent glue and dip them into the foam crumb. Transformed branches will become the basis of the composition, and balls, cones, hearts, tinsel or New Year's figures - its successful addition.
  • Balls. Their thin and flexible branches can build unique balls. Painted in white, gold, copper, silver or in their natural form, they will not go unnoticed. They are decorated with Christmas trees, tree branches. They can simply be spread out or scattered along the track or hung on the porch.

If you wrap the same balls with safe Christmas tree garlands, you will receive charming landscape lamps that will be very appropriate on this particular holiday.

Here are two more options for using branches. We are sure that in the process of decorating a suburban area and a cottage, you can create absolutely charming things with your own hands

Idea # 3 - compositions with sleds and skates

If old skates and sledges are lying around in your pantry and you are not going to use them for their intended purpose for some reason, it's time to include them in the New Year's decor of your yard or home.

To make old skates respectable, feel free to apply a layer of bright acrylic or spray paint on their leather surface. The outer part of the shoe will look harmonious in combination with bows, ribbons, beads, toys, gilded cones. Stick branches with rowan berries, coniferous paws, symbolic gift boxes inside.

Old skates can also serve you as a New Year decoration. Just look at how organically they look in the garland running along the perimeter of the front door

The skate blade can be greased with glue and dipped in crushed polystyrene foam, which remains in excess after buying household appliances. Dressed in this way skates will look good on the front door, on the wall. They become part of a pretty garland.

The colorful palette of the upcoming holiday can be supplemented with old sledges. They should not be decorated magnificently. It is enough to update the color and, possibly, tie a bright satin ribbon with a bow to them. After all, Santa Claus comes to children on a sleigh, so they themselves are a kind of symbol.

The left sled with the house number at the same time very much resembles an outline of a Christmas tree with a star on top. This similarity is very witty beat their owner

Depending on the size of the sled, they are hung on the wall of the house, leaned against the entrance, used as a stand for other decorations or elements of illumination. In any case, they very organically fit into the big picture.

Idea # 4 - beautiful flowerpots

Summer has passed, and the elegant flowerpots in which we planted annual plants were out of work. They have nothing to empty. Now we will quickly find how to decorate them. All the same universal elements of New Year's decoration can be put into action: paws of coniferous plants, gilded and silver-plated cones, Christmas balls, "rain", multi-colored branches, ribbons and bows.

Here are two completely different options for using the flowerpot. In the first case, it is used as a stand under the element of illumination, and in the second - it looks like a cornucopia, promising prosperity to its owner in the coming year

Flowerpots put up on an open balcony, from where it will be possible to admire the fireworks, which will certainly be after the New Year. Paired flowerpots can be a wonderful decoration of the entrance to the house. In principle, they can be left in their usual places. After all, they will fulfill their former function only in new weather conditions.

These twin flowerpots probably look wonderful in the summer, but in winter they are simply magnificent. The balls lying on the needles look luxurious

Idea # 5 - ceiling medallions in action

You rarely see natural stucco molding in a house today, but its imitation based on polyurethane or plastic is quite common. Take a closer look at the pretty locket under the chandelier. Does he remind you of anything? But this is a great basis for a Christmas wreath. It can be painted with any spray paint. If the idea of ​​a multi-color decoration arose, it is better to use acrylic paints.

The surface of such a medallion is a whole world for the embodiment of your fantasies. Not only bows and artificial snowflakes will be used, but also beads, and even rhinestones. If the medallion itself looks simple and does not cause creative impulses in you, you can use it as a basis for a wreath, which will be completely hidden under coniferous branches and a variety of decor, befitting the occasion.

Beads, rhinestones, artificial snowflakes, buttons, braid and multi-colored ribbons - all these elements give the decoration a special charm and personality

Idea # 6 - a deer figurine for your garden

Such a decorative figure will not leave anyone indifferent. Surely after the holiday you will not want to part with it.

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It is really very difficult to part with such a handsome man. In spring, you can exchange a heavy winter scarf for a light scarf, take off your leggings and decorate the horns with bright artificial flowers

To create it you will need:

  • a round plastic water bottle with a capacity of 10-12 or 16 liters, depending on the size of the figure - the body;
  • one short stick is the neck;
  • four straight sticks of approximately the same length - legs;
  • men's old boot (closed slipper or boot) large size - face;
  • bunch of branches - horns;
  • large pine cone - tail;
  • a pair of smooth and shiny large buttons “on the leg” - the eyes;
  • a small piece of bright red fabric is the nose.

A large boot should be painted with white spray paint, allowed to dry. Eyes and a nose stuffed with cotton, it is better to attach to the face of a deer immediately. We fix them with a wire on the back of the boot. Make a hole in his sole, closer to the heel. In the bottle, you also need to make a hole a little lower than the cork. Connect the deer’s head to its body with a short stick. Insert the four legs of the deer from the side of the “abdomen” of the figure. They must abut against his back from the inside. To fasten the tail we use wire. Beautiful horns will complete the picture.

It remains to dress up a handsome deer. For this purpose, we use a lush and long scarf that will hide traces of the connection of the head and body, knee-high socks or socks on the legs and an old sweater for the body. The sweater must be pulled over the bottle before assembly. If problems arise with unnecessary clothes, the body of a deer can simply be painted. Snow on the back will help depict sisal. Tinsel and Christmas toys on the horns will also be welcome.

It’s just impossible to go past such a wreath without smiling. Take a closer look at it, it is made of cones and things that are in every house

Idea # 7 - logs of logs

Winter cottage can be heated in different ways, but if your house has a real fireplace, then there should not be a problem with firewood. We will show imagination and create very simple, but touching characters. Wings and heads do not have to be white, but it is better if they are plain. To design such figures, old socks, tulle and scarves are suitable. If you want to make additional details, use felt, foil, paper, sisal and other similar materials.

To build such wonderful figures, you need a minimum of costs and a great desire to do something nice for yourself and everyone else

Idea # 8 - snowmen and candles from plastic bottles

If there is a lot of snow in the country and its texture allows you to create a real snowman with a carrot nose, a broom in his hand and a bucket on his head, you can safely skip this advice and read on. We want to help those who have no snow feel the charm of winter: you can make an almost real snowman from the bottom of plastic bottles, wire, rope and other elements.

If you thought that these snowmen were made of snow, you were mistaken. They are inflatable, but look very natural on a white background.

In order for the snowman to be fixed firmly enough, you need to make it on the base in the form of a pin or pipe well driven into the ground. From the thick metal wire we build two balls that need to be worn on our base. We wrap the balls with rope so that the subsequent parts look better, do not move and do not sink.

We carefully separate the bottoms from ordinary 1.5 liter plastic transparent bottles. Make sure their size is the same. We paint them white, let them dry. We drill two holes along the edges of the blanks opposite each other so that they can be easily strung on a twine in the form of a garland.

As you already noticed, not only snowmen, but also pendant lights are made of plastic bottles here

We wrap the balls with these garlands, not forgetting to fix them. We stock the resulting snowman blank with a nose, hat, scarf, eyes, buttons and a charming smile. A cute snowman is ready to defend your site.

Original Christmas candles are made in the same way. The light source itself must be fireproof. Smudges on candles depicts mounting foam. From two-liter green bottles, you can build pretty needles at the foot of the candle composition. Red and yellow wrapping paper with a golden pattern are used as an extra touch.

When making such cute compositions from plastic, it’s important to use a light source that will not ignite this whole complex structure

Idea # 9 - Holiday Illumination

The theme of New Year's illumination is so vast that it deserves a separate discussion. Today, bright and varied lights are an indispensable holiday attribute. With the help of electric garlands and candles decorate garden plots, facades of cottages. Producers all over the world, sensitively catching the market trends, vyingly offer more and more new variants of illumination.

In order to create such a complex structure and not go broke on electricity bills, you need to be well versed in resource-saving technologies

Luminous sculpture is very popular. Usually these are traditional characters, without which this celebration simply can not do. Here and Santa Claus, and the Snowman, deer and Santa Claus with his staff. Even a lone sculpture of a staff finds its fans. Next to them are the symbols of Christmas: angels, stars.

Idea # 10 - Traditional and Creative Garlands

Garland is another decoration that is included in the list of traditional ones. It looked like this a hundred years ago, and now it is still found. True, in the West more often than ours. In principle, such a decoration is quite simple to do with your own hands. But it cannot be called environmentally sound. If we do not have enough artificial branches, we will make another garland without harming the environment.

Needless to say, the garland looks very impressive, but it would be better if it was created from artificial materials

Together with your child, you will be happy to build any of the following garlands. We’ll simply cut the first out of a piece of paper folded several times, and then paint it to your liking. In the second case, it is enough to arm yourself with wire, narrow satin ribbons and a rope. Make it easy too. But the simplest is the third. To create it, we will pull a strong linen rope and just hang everything we want on it with wooden clothespins.

All three garlands, despite the simplicity of their manufacture, look very attractive. Felt, paper, wood clothespins, paints, satin ribbons and wire - that's all you need to create them

If the guests are already on the doorstep ...

It happens that we simply do not have time for a thorough decoration, because, for example, the idea to celebrate the New Year at the cottage arose spontaneously. But you need to cook a lot of goodies, thoroughly heat the house so that you feel comfortable during the holiday. But the lack of time for the implementation of the plan does not mean that you should abandon the creation of a magical atmosphere of the best holiday of the year.

There are several ideas for this case. Those who are engaged in needlework always have in stock stocks of multi-colored yarn left over from previous works. Their hands just do not reach their use. A Christmas wreath can be assembled from such glomeruli of different colors and sizes. Complete their union with different colored balls and your wreath is ready. Look how beautiful!

Creating such a wreath, it is very important not to make a mistake with the combination of colors. After spending a minimum of time, we get a decoration worthy of all praise

You have toys, but you don’t have time to decorate the Christmas tree with them. Arrange Christmas balls, tinsel and garlands in glass jars and place them in those places of the site that are clearly visible from the entrance. Against the background of white snow, bright spots will surely attract everyone's attention. But you only spent a few minutes to create such festive and bright elements.

A jar with balls on a background of white snow looks as if it contains all the best wishes that we are ready to give our guests on the eve of this wonderful holiday - New Year

Of course, I really want to do everything beautifully and enjoy the magic created with my own hands. To feel the festive mood, it is enough to use large and bright elements. Let there be not so many, but these bright compositions with illumination and the use of green and red colors and brilliant textures will be unforgettable.


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