Beautiful flower beds from petunia: an overview of the 5 best ways to break a flower garden

Petunia is a beautiful unpretentious flower with a delicate aroma. A huge variety of colors and varieties allows you to create beautiful flower beds from petunia. In modern landscape design, these are some of the most popular flowers. It is not difficult to take care of petunia, it is a drought-resistant plant that is not afraid of heat. Petunia does not like only stagnation of water. Petunia today has become an adornment of a club, rabatok, windows, balconies, flowerpots, flower beds, borders - where you will not meet her! Luxurious cascades of flowers of almost all possible shades delight us from the onset of summer to the coldest.

What is this flower good for a landscape designer?

This flower hails from South America, more specifically Brazil, perfectly adapted to our more severe climatic conditions. Although planting petunias today are found on all continents, even in Alaska. Like a considerable number of perennials, petunia is cultivated in our country as an annual plant.

For its reproduction, seeds are mainly used. When planting seedlings at home, you can start in March, so that by the end of April - early May (depending on the climate), young plants can be planted in the flowerbed. There is no sense in planting seeds on a flowerbed - seedlings need special care and it is best to plant seedlings in the open ground - so you will wait for flowering faster, and the flowers will be transplanted well.

Due to the enormous popularity of plants, breeders are busy breeding all new varieties, garden groups and hybrids.

You can learn more about the types and rules of planting petunias from the material: ozelenenie / kashpo-dlya-petunii-posadka-uxod.html # i-2

Sometimes the flowers are so unusual that the appearance of the container becomes irrelevant - as in this case, all attention will be paid to the stunning flowers of the variety “Black Velvet”

The variety of colors and varieties of petunias makes it possible to create the most diverse and interesting combinations, turning the plot into a flower garden with a single flower

The hybrid petunia has a powerful root system, this allows you to grow the plant in containers of limited volume. Hybrid petunias have more luxurious flowers, such properties make it possible to create beautiful vertical flower beds from them.

The compatibility of petunias with other colors

Petunia is good, no matter how you plant her. To create a round flowerbed of petunias, you can use only one variety of the same color, for example, only bright pink or purple flowers. Gently whiten the border, and you get a wonderful flowerbed.

One of the simplest and most spectacular plantings of petunias - plants of different colors are planted in even rows. With the right combinations, a luxurious floral carpet is created.

A beautiful round flowerbed with a central composition - a white border distinguishes the edging from large yellow marigolds. Three colors of petunia were used - bright pink, burgundy and white

Petunia looks good and in combination with other flowers - begonia semper florens, snapdragons, lefties, cultures with decorative leaves. It blends beautifully with marigolds, especially if large orange or yellow marigolds are planted along the edge of the flowerbed.

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In early summer, pansies and primroses bloom - this is also a good neighborhood for petunias. Looks good and the combination on the flowerbed with bulbs - hazel grouse in the center, or lilies, irises, hyacinths and tulips. Petunia grows well both in the sun and in partial shade, therefore it is also suitable for decorating penumbral sections of the garden, especially in a company with hosts, decorative cereals or the Virginian tradescantia. If you want to plant petunia in flowerpots, it can be successfully combined with pelargonium or fuchsia (although fuchsia is much more capricious), or with balsam.

Enough to show imagination, and an unusual flowerbed can be created even in an old car, previously updating it and painting the cab

Today in landscape design, everything original is welcome. Why not use the hollow of an old tree as a landing site for ampelous petunia. Composition - a sight for sore eyes!

How can I make a beautiful flowerbed?

Option # 1 - a bed of containers

Modern flower beds are not only carpet plantings; to create a vertical flower bed from petunia, you can purchase special containers of different sizes, mounted on a pole. Choose your favorite varieties and colors - and a vertical flowerbed will decorate your site. Both monochrome and polychrome gamma are good.

It will also be useful material on the creation of multi-tiered and raised beds: ozelenenie / mnogoyarusnaya-klumba.html

Ampoule varieties of petunias are particularly suitable for such compositions - in this case they will hang down and give a special charm to the flowerbed

Option # 2 - a bed from a grid "live tower"

A vertical flower bed made of petunia can also be created using a grid. You will need a net, a pot, cloth and seedlings. From the grid we make the frame in the form of a cylinder, inside the frame we place the fabric, a pot of the right size is placed down, the structure is covered with earth. We water the earth so that it settles, fill it up, if necessary, compact it throughout the volume to the pot. Then we cut the fabric in several places and plant it in the holes and at the top of the plant structure. Now it remains only to water the "tower" and watch how it is transformed into an amazing flower garden.

The idea that a flowerbed is just a flower carpet is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Vertical flowerbeds that came to us from Europe allow you to create original compositions in areas of any size.

Option # 3 - flowerbed from window boxes

You can make a vertical flowerbed using window boxes - for example, on the wall of the barn, arranging them in an interesting order. Both ordinary and ampelous petunia will grow in them, which will look good with pelargonium, verbena, lobelia and ivy.

To create such an interesting composition in a country style, window boxes, an old working car and a cart were used. In containers, petunia and pelargonium form an excellent combination

Option # 4 - a bed of petunias in a gravel garden

Today, many arrange a gravel garden in their area - this is not difficult, but it looks very interesting. Among the decorative cereal, lilac, a section of petunias will also stand out spectacularly - free a part of the soil under the flowerbed, fence it with a plastic border and plant flowers - dark petunia looks particularly impressive against the background of gravel - maroon, violet.

You can learn how to create a gravel garden yourself from the material: dekor / ustraivaem-gravijnyj-sad.html

Petunias are quite often used when you need to break a rock garden or rockery. They are great for delicate compositions.

Option # 5 - flowerbed using paving slabs

You need to choose a rectangular tile and lay it out in a certain order - you get an original decorative border, in the frame of which you can plant any variety you like.

Paving slabs in this case is an interesting solution - without labor and special costs you will create a beautiful flowerbed

Video Tips: Overview and Care of Petunia Varieties

Summer residents are not in vain loved petunia - for all its unpretentiousness, it has decorative properties that few garden flowers can compare with.


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