Articles from our readers

Site Pond Construction: Report on the Creation of My Film Pond

The idea to dig a pond on my site came to me a few years ago. But, since this work is laborious and difficult in terms of a creative approach, its beginning was postponed for a long time. Finally, during the next vacation, I decided to get down to business and step by step all the steps necessary to create a pond

Step-by-step master class on the construction of a gazebo: simple, but tasteful

Last summer, I planned to improve the suburban area a bit. Slightly reduced allotments for garden beds, but allocated additional meters for a recreation area. The free space was enough for a small flower garden, a couple of bushes, an inflatable pool. But for a good rest this was not enough. Need a gazebo

Decorative garden: how a vegetable flowerbed was created in my country house

Even at the stage of acquiring a cottage, I decided that there would be no standard garden on it. Maximum - a few beds with greens. But potatoes and tomatoes can be purchased on the market without delving into the ground from morning to night. And what to hide: many vegetable crops, the same cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, by the middle of summer do not look too neat

Paving Garden Paths: A Personal Experience Report

I decided to start the work on refining the newly purchased plot with the layout and arrangement of garden paths. In my arms I already had a project created by a landscape designer. On the plan, in addition to buildings and plants, curved paths leading to all the "strategic" objects of the site were designated

Construction of a canopy attached to the house: do-it-yourself project implementation

A year after the construction of the house, I wanted to attach a canopy to its front wall. That it was functional, but at the same time very simple in design. What was required from the canopy? Most importantly, due to him, I wanted to get an extra place for a summer vacation, protected from sunlight and rain

The story of one lawn: personal experience breaking a bluegrass lawn

After building the house and cleaning up the garbage, it's time to ennoble the plot. I remembered a long-standing dream of a lawn - a lawn with emerald grass, without beds with vegetables. Just near the house there was free space not occupied by agricultural land. It was decided to give it to the lawn

My report on the construction of a wooden fence with sliding gates

There is a plot in the forest, 14 acres, while empty. Since the plans include his capital development, the first thing I decided to outline the boundaries of their possessions. That is to build a fence. One side of it, one might say, was already ready - in the form of a neighboring wooden fence. The rest of the border was about 120 m

The construction of a humpbacked metal bridge: a step-by-step workshop

There is one feature on my plot - a trickle flowing from collective farm fields. In order to somehow fit it into the surrounding reality, as well as to ensure a safe transition, a bridge was thrown over it. It was made of wood about 10 years ago, so it already rotted in order and lost its former strength

Do-it-yourself rockery: the story of my rocky kindergarten with “Alpines”

Beautification of a summer cottage I have been doing for more than one year. What I don’t have is potatoes, endless cucumbers and tomatoes. My whole site is a garden with a lawn and ornamental plants, planted in flowerbeds, mixborders and other compositions. A special place is occupied by the rockery, the creation of which began with one rocky flowerbed, and ended with a whole composition of stone, gravel and flowers.