Arrangement of a summer cottage for families with small children: safe zoning

When a young family acquires its own plot, then, naturally, they plan to create a children's zone in one of the corners, because kids, if they have not yet been born, will soon be born. The territory fenced by the fence will protect children from dangers from the outside, and a well-thought-out layout of the site will help to arrange their rest most effectively. But often, in an effort to create an original landscape, parents do not take into account that babies can make their own adjustments to flower gardens, rock gardens, etc. And you can’t forbid them to know the world, because up to 3 years old tricks are poorly versed in the concepts of “bad” and “good ". The only option remains: to create a territory where there are no dangers and restricted areas. We will figure out how best to conduct the arrangement of a summer cottage site with their own hands for families with small children.

Space Zoning: Layout Options

Daily walks in the fresh air are an indispensable element of the daily life of babies. While the child is in the stroller - easier. Make a good path for mom, and she will roll the baby along it. But as soon as the baby gets on his feet, he is ready to run around the entire site, touch everything and try on the tooth. And for this period the site should become as safe as possible.

The kids have a visual perception of the world, so they primarily run on the site to where everything is bright, funny and unusual

When arranging a garden plot, it is worth breaking the space into several zones: a game room, for relaxation, a garden garden and the so-called back yard. As soon as the baby descends from the steps of the house - he should immediately see the playground. Therefore, it is made bright, eye-catching, so that the baby is drawn there.

The central zone is the parent's recreation area. From it there should be a maximum overview of the entire territory so that mom or dad, without leaving their place, can see where their child is currently playing. This arrangement is also necessary for the child. He will always see that there is more than one on the site, which means that a feeling of anxiety and fear will not form, which is especially pronounced in 2-2.5 years.

It is advisable to plan the garden zone on the opposite side of the game, because all the berries will certainly be tested before mom discovers this fact. And unwashed fruits are a source of intestinal infections. If this site is separated from the rest by hedges, tall flowers or a decorative fence up to half a meter high, then the baby will show much less interest in the invisible area of ​​the site.

The backyard is a conditional name. They denote the zone farthest from the house where you can store building materials, chop wood, keep poultry, etc. This is the most dangerous area for children, and they will necessarily be surrounded by a normal fence, for example, a rowanberry net, through which even the smartest mischief isn’t will climb over. To enter the back yard, a wicket is installed. When the children grow up, this zone can be transformed into another, or give greater decorativeness by removing the fence. But until the kids are aware of their actions, the entrance to the backyard without adults should be 100% blocked.

What can be put on the playground?

The play area has two main tasks: to provide the baby with employment and to develop it physically and mentally. Therefore, the site creates the most interesting, informative devices that can take a child for a long time.

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Let's figure out what is best equipped for children up to 3 years.

Building # 1 - Sandbox

Perhaps the most affordable and easiest element of the playing area in the arrangement of a personal plot. Four well-sanded and painted boards or a large car tire + river sand are all that a baby needs to be happy. Games with sand develop fine motor skills of the fingers, and this is useful for mental abilities. Detailed instructions for creating different types of sandboxes can be found on our website from the article "Children's sandbox in the garden." Think about how you will cover the sandbox for the night (sew a tent or knock down a shield) so that it does not become a toilet for your or someone else's cat.

Cars and scoops are the main attributes of a children's sandbox, and not only boys but also girls like to play with them

Building # 2 - netting trampoline

Trampolining develops coordination, and this procedure is very fun, even if the baby is jumping alone.

Building # 3 - Dry Pool

On sale today you can find special balls for dry pools, which fill large containers, filled with concrete bowls, etc. One condition: the walls of the bowl should be upholstered with foam rubber for maximum safety.

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Building # 4 - massage area

This is a small area where rugs with a fleecy surface, such as artificial grass, are laid. Some parents manage to create a massage platform with different surface options: 1 part - from round river pebbles, but not very small so that the child does not grab them in their mouths; 2nd - from artificial grass, 3rd - from sand, 4th - from soft foam polyurethane, which is used to create tourist rugs. Let the baby frolic there barefoot. Point acupuncture of the feet increases the body's immunity and resistance to colds.

Also useful will be material on the arrangement of the playground for children with things from improvised materials: ideas / kak-obustroit-igrovuyu-ploshhadku-dlya-detej.html

Building # 5 - sports complex

While the child is still small, you should not equip the playing area with ultra-modern sports complexes, where there are Swedish walls, a slide, and all kinds of horizontal bars with swings. At a young age, children do not realize the degree of danger and do not always calculate the trajectory of movement. From here - and cones full of broken arms and knees. And if there are two kids in the family, then the most dangerous element of the complex is a swing and a slide. The kids are pushing, trying to get ahead of each other, and you won’t even blink an eye, how your fingers will be pressed on the swing or your forehead will be broken.

For the little mischievous, the safest horizontal bars are rooted in automobile tires, a path made of low stumps (10 cm maximum), play houses and tunnels.

If you cut down stumps on this site, making them much lower, then it will become safe and informative for kids who will learn to walk along the marking

Be sure to think through the canopy in the play area so that even in rainy weather the baby can spend an hour and a half in the fresh air. And for street toys it’s worth building a box or a chest, so as not to carry them every time to the veranda.

Parents' recreation area

So that mom and dad could rest quietly, watching the baby, as well as for receiving guests, the family recreation area is most conveniently equipped as a patio with a barbecue oven, barbecue facilities, etc. Of course, such open-fire appliances are dangerous for children, but when food is being prepared, parents are always near the hearth and are able to protect kids from burns. Moreover, in the cold, these structures for the child are generally uninteresting.

An open patio gives you the opportunity to monitor the baby throughout the site and not be afraid that the bright sun will bake into your head

It is better to put furniture wicker or wooden, fixing it well to the ground. Plastic sets are too light, and if the baby climbs into a chair and rests on the back, it will certainly tip over.

In the recreation area, you can also install sun loungers, hang hammocks, but water facilities must be abandoned for at least 5 years. The pool, pond and even a small fountain attract the attention of children, and if parents are distracted, the mischievous person will certainly get into the water. One careless movement - and water can become a source of serious danger, because according to statistics, young children most often fall face down.

By the way, for the same reason, you can not place containers for collecting rainwater at the gutters. It’s better to set a tall barrel directly in the garden (much taller than the child’s height) and fill it with tap water. Warmed up under the sun, it will be no worse than rain, but inaccessible to children.

You will find more ideas for arranging a playground in the country in the material: postroiki / idej-dlya-obustrojstva-detskoj-ploshhadki.html

This layout of the site is completely unsuitable for families with kids, because the entrance to the pool is not protected in any way, and the child can dive there at any moment

Garden: what and how much to plant?

Thinking over the arrangement of the site of a country house for families with kids, a special attention should be paid to the garden zone. Own fruits are always more useful than store fruits, but it should be borne in mind that many babies have an increased sensitivity to red berries. So, strawberries are considered a high allergen. Doctors do not welcome cherries, cherries and plums, since hydrocyanic acid is contained inside the seeds. But babies often swallow these fruits directly with seeds. Pears provoke bloating.

The most “harmless” fruits are apples. Behind them comes raspberries, currants, gooseberries. So these cultures must be planted in the most prominent place and in large volumes. The childish body also responds well to grapes.

Kids are very fond of picking currant branches to twist each berry in their fingers, so do not deprive them of such pleasure

Be prepared that the baby will make periodic raids on the outer beds. He can dig into them with a spatula, pick out a couple of vegetables for the sake of interest. Therefore, plant these strips with the cultures that are most resistant to trampling and “uninteresting” for children's eyes. For example, tomatoes will be torn off cleanly, cucumbers and zucchini will be trampled in search of greenery, but carrots, onions and garlic are not so attractive for kids. For extreme beds, salads and radishes are also suitable. Hide the potatoes in the garden, because after flowering it forms poisonous fruits that attract small children with their round shape.

In areas where the main owners are children, you should not equip the landscape with expensive architectural forms and exotic colors. One hit with a ball - and the head of the overseas Apollo will roll along the garden path, and a children's car or bicycle will repeatedly enter the beloved rhododendron.


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