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Shtil-250 chainsaw: problems with the factory for hot

I have Calm-250, an old man, a problem has arisen: it starts without a problem on a cold one, you start a hot horseradish until you burn an unburned mixture through a muffler. I put a new candle, washed the filter, cleaned it, washed the carburetor too. Anyway, the problem remains, tell me, please, how to solve it

Stih-361 chainsaw stalls

Hello, I have such a problem: a friend gave the old Calm-361, but he does not want to start. As it starts, it stalls immediately. He twisted the candle, it is wet. What does it mean? Andrew Good afternoon! Short work of Calm-361 immediately after start-up has characteristic features. The following describes the possible causes of malfunctions and methods for resolving them