Aichrison: how to grow a tree of love at home?

Aichrison is considered a relative of the fat woman, which is known as the money tree. They are often confused. Aichrison is also called a tree of love or a flower of happiness. The plant belongs to the Tolstyankov family, in the wild this culture can be found on the rocks of the Azores and Canary Islands, in Morocco and Portugal. It is a small and beautiful succulent with fleshy small leaves. A bushy plant is used either singly or as a decoration of a composition. Aichrison is unpretentious in care, takes up little space, is characterized by abundant flowering.

Signs and superstitions associated with the flower

There are many different signs and superstitions associated with the plant. Some believe that it can bloom exclusively in a place where there is complete mutual understanding between spouses, and harmony reigns in the family. From here the name “tree of love” has taken root among the people.

If the relationship in a pair worsens, becomes tense, then the Aichrison starts to hurt. With disagreements in the family, it ceases to bloom, the leaves dry out, and the roots rot. Therefore, some advise to look at the state of Aichrison and, at the first symptoms, urgently establish relationships with each other. And this applies to all areas: emotional, spiritual and intimate. Only after all the "add-ons" will the tree of love become healthy and flowering again.

It is believed that the plant brings in a couple of attraction, passion, positive emotions. Therefore, it must be turned on by people who have not yet developed a relationship.

If aichrison begins to bloom, then it is believed that the only person with whom it is worth living together has appeared in the owner’s house. If the plant gradually withers after the appearance of a roommate, then esotericists advise to pay attention to such a sign and not to bind oneself to the relationship with this person.

Types and varieties with photos

There are many varieties of ahichrison. Their cultivation has some nuances that need to be considered. The genus Aichrison includes 15 species of succulent plants, some of which are perennials, while others are annuals.

Among all varieties of Aichrison, the most popular are the following.


This variety looks like a fat woman. The flower can be grown like bonsai. The leaves are light and green, glossy, false-shaped and concave. The crown is dense, inflorescences of bright orange color.


The trunk is shortened, the leaves have a rhomboid shape. The surface of them with a silver fleecy coating on a light green background. Culture blooms in late spring and up to November. Petals have a beige hue.


Leaf rosettes are formed at the ends of branched shoots. On the edges of the sheet plates are strips of whitish, cream or pink shades. Inflorescences are small, yellow.


Also called open Aichrison. It has the appearance of a bush resembling a square in shape. Foliage rhomboid, fleecy, light green shades. Inflorescences are small stars. After their wilting, most of the leaves fall, but then the crown is restored.


The stems of the plant are covered with a transparent thick pile. In height, it reaches up to 50 cm. Green leaves have a rarer pile compared to branches. Yellowish inflorescences in the form of loose shields.

These are the main varieties that are suitable for growing at home.

Planting and propagation methods

Getting new plant instances is easy. There are several ways to reproduce.


The first is seed cultivation. This method requires the following requirements:

  1. Take small containers with low sides.
  2. Fill them with a substrate, which includes 2 parts of sheet soil and 1 part of cleaned sand. Seeds should be enclosed in 0.5 cm containers.
  3. Cover the containers with a film or a glass plate. The result is a kind of mini-greenhouse. It must be left in a bright and warm place with a temperature of + 20 ° C.
  4. The surface of the soil should be regularly sprayed with clean water from a spray bottle, and also aerate the container by removing the cover. Do these procedures once a day.

After a couple of weeks, the first shoots appear. When 3-4 real leaves are formed in seedlings, the young growth can be transplanted into one large container, but a minimum of 5 cm should be left between the plants. It is necessary to use a soil substrate of a different composition. Mixes the sheet earth with sand in equal parts, add another part of the turf. Mature plants need to be protected from direct sunlight.

The final transplant of young cultures is already carried out in separate containers. Their diameter should be up to 7 cm. At the bottom of the tank, place drainage (small stones), and then fill up the substrate. Apply soil, which is intended exclusively for succulents. Humidify plantings required in small portions almost every day. Overflow must not be allowed.


The second method of obtaining an independent plant is considered a simpler and faster option. Cuttings are carried out in early spring. Material for planting is selected from the trimmed shoots, which turned out after the formation of the crown. The stalk should be about 9 cm long. It should be dried for two hours in the shade.

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Further, the cuttings are carried out by one of two methods:

  1. Put the handle in boiled and cooled water and add activated charcoal. Keep in a container with liquid until the roots appear.
  2. Place the cuttings immediately in the substrate, which is intended exclusively for growing succulents (you can buy ready-made or make it yourself). You can also use vermiculite, sand. The substrate must be pre-wetted.

When the shoots take root, they can already be transplanted according to the rules corresponding to adult plants.

Such specimens will develop much faster than those obtained by the seed method. The peculiarity of ahichrison is that even one leaf can be rooted when it is not possible to find a suitable healthy shoot.


Aichrison is a picky crop, but in order for a plant to bloom and be healthy, a number of rules must be followed.

Table of general guidelines for content




Direct sunlight can leave burns on the leaves, so that the lighting should be bright, but diffused. It is recommended to use light curtains. To crown evenly developed, it is recommended to turn the pot around its axis

Air humidity

Aichrison blooms when the air in the room is humid. But the plant feels comfortable even in arid air. It is allowed to place a small container with water next to it. It is forbidden to spray the crop abundantly, especially in cloudy weather - decay will begin

Air temperature

From mid-spring to mid-autumn, the air temperature should be around + 23 ° C. A fluctuation of 2 points is allowed. If the room is hot, then it needs to be often aired. In the rest of the year, the plant is in a dormant phase, so the temperature should be no more than + 10 ° С

These are the basic conditions that must be met in any situation.

Features of watering, top dressing, formation and transplantation

In addition to the above conditions, the following points are important for ahichrison:

  • Watering. It does not have to be plentiful. The portions of water are small, the interval is 3-5 days. In the cold season - even less often.
  • Top dressing. During the growing season, you need to water the culture every 2-3 weeks with complex fertilizer, which is intended for succulents. It differs from conventional universal formulations in a low nitrogen concentration.
  • Transfer. It must be carried out as necessary. But you can’t disturb the plant too often. Transplantation must be carried out before flowering.
  • Crown formation. It is carried out to maintain an appropriate appearance. Crohn in plants is usually square or rounded. When it is already done in advance, it is much easier to trim. It is required to remove old and weakened shoots, shorten too long branches.

Thanks to correctly performed actions, the plant will be healthy and long-flowering.

Problem solving

Sometimes the following problems arise, which can be solved simply.

  • Branches are barely exposed. Usually associated with too warm winters. It is necessary to make rejuvenation: trim the top and root.
  • The leaves are wrinkled. Associated with a lack of water. It is necessary to water the plant more often.
  • The stems are very elongated. In this case, the lack of light affects. It is required to move the culture to another place or use additional lamps.

Diseases and Pests

Among the diseases of the Aichrisone flower, the most common are gray and root rot. In the first case, weeping spots appear on branches and leaves. There is a gray coating, which is caused by a fungal infection. In the second case, black spots appear on the basis of the shoot.

To combat, it is necessary to sterilize the soil and the pot, improve lighting, establish proper watering (prevent overflow), ventilate the room. The substrate must be treated with Fitosporin.

Of the pests, a spider mite is dangerous. It can be detected by the deformation of buds and leaves, whitish spots, cobwebs. It is necessary to treat the culture with an acaricidal agent. Suitable Akarin, Neoron, Agravertine, Antiklesch. Insecticides save Actellik, Aktara, Mercaptophos, Nemafos from the root tick and nematode, as well as from the scab. All drugs are used according to the instructions specified by the manufacturer.

Growing aichrison is simple; care does not require much effort. Outwardly, although it looks like a common fat girl, it still compares favorably with it by the presence of many varieties, as well as the color and shape of their flowers.


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