Adapter for walk-behind tractor: how to build a good cart with a do-it-yourself seat?

Work on the land, whether loosening, digging or hilling, takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, many gardeners, to facilitate the cultivation of land, acquire auxiliary special equipment - motoblocks. Using this universal unit, you can perform a number of diverse works, starting with cleaning the site and cultivating the land, and ending with the transportation of harvested crops and any cargo. But to weed, spud or simply remove snow, as well as construction debris, is impossible without attachments - an adapter. A specially equipped trolley with a seat that turns a walk-behind tractor into a mini-tractor is quite expensive in stores. To make an adapter for a walk-behind tractor with your own hands is a completely feasible task that the owner, who has a technical creative vein, can complete.

What adapter designs exist?

Using this attachment you can greatly simplify the use of the walk-behind tractor. After all, it acts as a transitional link connecting the unit itself with other functional elements: nozzles for planting and hilling potatoes, plane cutters, a plow ... By installing equipment, you can automate gardening work as much as possible. For example, when using special equipment with attachments, you can increase the operating speed from 5 to 10 km / h.

There are several varieties of adapters. In general, the design is a trolley attached to the rear of the walk-behind tractor, equipped with a comfortable seat

Some models are equipped with a lifting lever, which greatly simplifies the control of the mechanism and the movement of the unit itself in the area. Other adapters, in addition to performing agricultural work, can also be used to transport goods. They are equipped with a special body. Adapters may have short or long drawbars, depending on the functional value. Models with short drawbars are designed to work with lightweight walk-behind tractors, and with long ones - with heavier units.

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There are also models with a telescopic drawbar for sale, as well as those in which you can adjust the track width.

The adapters to the walk-behind tractor are fixed using a single increased hitch, which consists of two parts: the first part is necessary for connecting the equipment to the unit. And the second acts as an adjustable adapter between the equipment itself and its lifting mechanism. To increase the number of guns used simultaneously, the adapters are equipped with a double universal hitch.

Simple assembly

A simple adapter model is a metal frame. It is made from a pipe with a rectangular section 1.7 meters long. At one end of the pipe, a 0.5 meter long pipe is perpendicularly welded, which will serve as the basis for mounting the posts under the adapter wheels. The height of the struts themselves from the wheel axis to the top point is 0.3 meters.

For the manufacture of the structure, you can use the wheels removed from the garden cart. You can install them on the bushings, which are quite simple to perform on a conventional lathe. Bearings of the appropriate size are put on the finished bushings

After that, the braces must be attached to the central pipe and the hubs of the adapter wheels. The length of the product depends on the angle of their inclination relative to the structure. The square frame of the adapter can also be made of any size. In our case, this is a frame of 0.4x0.4 meters. To equip attachments to the rear end of the frame, a channel No. 10 0.4 meters long is welded. The assembly and connection of the side pipes of the structure is carried out using bolts.

A control lever is also welded to the frame. It has three “knees” with a length of 20, 30 and 50 cm. To increase the applied force, the adjusting lever is equipped with an additional lever 75 cm long. The coupling assembly can be purchased in a store or made independently. Regardless of whether the coupling is a production model or self-made, special attention should be paid to its reliability. The duration of operation of attachments depends on its quality.

The seat is placed on a metal support, which is welded to the central pipe. The adapter is ready for use.

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Arrangement of a multifunctional model

To manufacture a multifunctional device, it is necessary to prepare:

  • Steel pipes and corners;
  • Sheet steel;
  • Two wheels;
  • Comfortable sitting;
  • Welding machine and tool kit.

Such an adapter is a multifunctional model. It can be used for basic agricultural work and transportation of goods on uneven terrain over short distances. It is possible to equip the construction with such agricultural implements as a plow, harrow, a cultivator, a potato digger. In the winter months, a snow scraper can be attached to the adapter.

The main elements of the equipment are: the frame and coupling devices, as well as the wheelset and seats

The process of manufacturing the adapter at home takes place in several stages.

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Stage # 1 - making a kinematic diagram

To ensure the balance of the structure and prevent additional overloads at the design stage, it is necessary to draw up a kinematic diagram. It can be made independently or use the finished version.

This circuit is designed for the manufacture of an adapter designed to work on the Neva motoblock

Stage # 2 - manufacturing of the main parts

When making and assembling the frame, it is important to provide for the arrangement of the plug with the sleeve. It is necessary to ensure free rotation of the trailer.

Frame construction made of metal pipes and corners

The body structure is made of steel sheet. The height of its sides is not less than 30 cm.

In the manufacture of racks for adapter wheels, you can use the above diagram

The simplest manufacturing option for the design coupling element is a 15 cm long pin, which is inserted into the hole of the drawbar of the U-shaped motor-block towbar. The disadvantage of this option is the rapid wear: under the action of a freely rotating trailer, the holes for the coupling are quickly broken. To reduce wear, the U-shaped chain is preferably extended.

Stage # 3 - installing the seat

On the spinal frame of the adapter beam, retreating 80 cm from the front edge, fix the seat. It is fixed with bolts. The adapter is ready. It remains only to verify the functionality of the multifunction device.

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