7 super early and delicious potato varieties worth planting in 2020

To harvest potatoes as early as possible, you must select early ripening varieties. For the convenience of gardeners and professional farmers, domestic and foreign breeders have bred several early, unpretentious and very tasty varieties of potatoes.


An early crop variety bred by Dutch breeders. It is perfectly adapted for cultivation in Russia.

Ariel has a balanced taste, suitable for sale and personal use. The variety belongs to high-yielding, as from 1 ha you can get 220-490 c. Thanks to a well-developed root system, 1-15 selected tubers are formed under one bush.

It is better to grow a plant on light and fertile soil based on sand or chernozem. If you choose heavy loam, the potato yield will decrease.

It is not necessary to use top dressing - it is enough to add compost to each well when planting. The variety positively responds to regular watering and hilling with weed removal.

Early Zhukovsky

This variety of domestic selection. Its tubers are oval-round in shape, medium in size and weighs 100-150 g. The shell is pink and smooth.

In leaving, "Early Zhukovsky" unpretentious. It can be grown in areas with adverse weather conditions. It positively responds to soil loosening, weeding, watering and top dressing.

Fertilizing is necessary throughout the entire growing season:

  • in spring - nitrogen compounds;
  • in the flowering phase - under 1 bush of 1.5 liters of potash fertilizers;
  • 2 weeks after the second procedure - chicken droppings.

The variety is resistant to such diseases:

  • potato cancer;
  • nematode;
  • scab;
  • rhizoctonia;
  • viral diseases;
  • bacteriosis.

"Early Zhukovsky" is a universal variety of salad type. The composition of the tubers contains many minerals, protein, fiber and vitamins.


The variety is high-yielding, undemanding in care and resistant to major diseases of potatoes. It can be grown not only in Russia, but also in Ukraine and Belarus.

Subject to all agrotechnical rules, 12-20 tubers can be collected from 1 bush. All of them are oval in shape, and in the section have a yellow color. The pulp is covered with a dense skin with a wax shine.

"Gala" perfectly transfers transportation and storage. And when growing, it is necessary to observe the following agricultural practices:

  • soil preparation;
  • fertilizing;
  • regular watering;
  • weeding and removing weeds.


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The peculiarity of this variety is its ability to yield 2 times per season. Maturation occurs 50-65 days after planting.

Vertical bushes "Kollet" with green leaves have an average height. The root crop is elongated oval. The peel is light beige, and the flesh is cream. One root crop weighs 100-120 g.

The main advantage of the variety is resistance to potato cancer and golden nematode.


Ripe root crops contain a lot of starch - 12-16%. It can be used for frying, boiling and cooking salads.

The tubers have a rounded oval shape, the flesh is white and yellow, and the peel is red and dense. From 1 ha you can collect 550 c.

You can grow "Bellarosa" on any soil. The variety tolerates drought, temperature changes, prolonged rains. To obtain a high yield, it is necessary to add organic and mineral compounds.

The variety has a high immunity to the following diseases:

  • late blight of tops and tubers;
  • scab;
  • potato cancer;
  • golden nematode;
  • mosaic virus.

Red scarlet

Translated, "red" means "red." This is due to the fact that the potato peel has a red tint, but the flesh is yellow. The tubers are elongated oval. The average weight is 100-120 g.

"Red Scarlet" is resistant to golden nematode, late blight and cancer.

When growing potatoes, a standard set of agricultural activities is required:

  • soil loosening;
  • weed removal;
  • regular watering;
  • fertilizer application.

From 1 square meter, you can collect up to 19 kg of potatoes.


The tubers are round in shape, and the peel is a yellowish-cream color. It is thin and smooth, so when cooking potatoes peeling will be few. The average weight of 1 tuber is 150 g. From 1 bush, you can collect 1.7 kg.

The variety is resistant to mosaic, rhizoctonia, cancer and scab.

When choosing the right type of potato, you need to focus on the type of soil, climatic conditions and the ability to comply with agricultural regulations.


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