7 interesting varieties of zucchini: strange on the outside, juicy on the inside

Some types of garden plants are so different from their counterparts that it is sometimes difficult to determine what kind of vegetable is in front of you: zucchini, pumpkin or watermelon. We will get acquainted with the most interesting varieties of zucchini from summer cottages and find out why they are unique.

Lemon squash

Zucchini is really extraordinary: in shape and size they resemble a lemon. The color is golden, with a greenish tint. The rich taste allows you to use the vegetable in almost any dish, but pancakes and pancakes are especially good from these zucchini.

The variety is famous for its productivity and resistance to temperature extremes. A distinctive feature of lemon zucchini - long lashes, which can be arranged on the fence. For a garden, such an openwork fence is a real find.

Gold Rush

Long and even golden icicles are the fruits of the wonderful Gold Rush zucchini. But the flesh of the plant is a beautiful cream color, very delicate texture. Connoisseurs praise the taste of fruits and the ease of cultivation of Gold Rush.

Seeds can be planted without problems in open ground. But if you want to get the crop early, use the greenhouse or cover the plants with a thin film.

Tondo di Piacenza

Zucchini zucchini of the Tondo di Piacenza variety at the summer cottage will always be different from other zucchini. They are unusually compact: they grow in bushes, that is, the plant has almost no whips. The embryos resemble small watermelons, and the ripe fruits are also almost round in shape, about 20 cm in diameter. The variety is mid-ripening, with an extended fruiting period.

The taste is delicate, and that is completely unusual - the flesh of a vegetable marrow does not become “wooden” for a long time, even if you do not remove it from the garden in time.

Variety "Spaghetti"

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Externally, these bright yellow vegetables are not much different from other zucchini. When grown, they give long lashes and are stored for a long time. You can cook representatives of this variety in the microwave, oven, or simply boil fruit slices. And then the flesh of the zucchini will really resemble spaghetti. Connoisseurs assure that to taste she is in no way inferior to the Italian dish.

Zucchini prefers light soils and a non-shaded area.

Ficifolia cucurbita (watermelon squash)

Mexican guest Ficifolia cucurbita is essentially a perennial vine. It is able to braid your garden in a minimum of time and leave a lot of large, watermelon-like fruits.

Zucchini is used raw, fried, boiled and baked. Harvest Ficifolia cucurbita has a high keeping quality: the fruits are stored in a cool place for 4 years.

F1 festival

The round fruit with a fleshy peduncle resembles a pumpkin in appearance. Its color is unique: spots of green, white, yellow and black are in a mess and make each vegetable truly exclusive. The pulp of zucchini is tender and sweet, it is quite suitable for cooking your favorite dishes.

Variety Festival F1 is often used to decorate a summer cottage. If seedlings are planted in mid-May, ripening occurs in August.

Orange F1

Small in size and sweet in taste, the fruits of the Orange F1 variety will decorate any garden. On powerful bushes orange zucchini hybrids, stars of canning, salads and cold appetizers are rapidly ripening. The variety is ripe - already a month and a half after planting, you can enjoy the first harvest.

An interesting feature of Orange F1 is that it needs to be planted exclusively in cloudy weather. This will ensure good survival and allow the young plant to grow and bear fruit normally.


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