7 indoor plants that bring happiness and wealth to the house

  • Annual
  • Shady
  • Loving

It has long been known that some houseplants have unusual abilities and can bring happiness, wealth to their owner’s house, and change their life for the better. Let's talk about several types that will help in attracting money and well-being.


Pelargonium (geranium) attracts cash flows and brings material wealth and stability to the house. It cheers you up, gives confidence in your own strengths and helps fight depression. The sphere on which it acts depends on the color of the buds.

  1. White geranium - helps in conceiving a baby.
  2. Pink - supports the feelings of spouses.
  3. Red - helps to find love.

Peace and comfort will always reign in a house with geraniums, scandals and quarrels will never occur. Pelargonium is able to protect from evil eye and damage, give vigor and relieve insomnia.


Since ancient times, the cactus symbolizes health and longevity, is the guardian of peace and tranquility, protects the home from the invasion of uninvited and dishonest guests.

The main property of a cactus is protection from evil forces and negative energy brought into the house. It protects from the evil eye and other negative attacks. The thorns of the plant are so powerful that envious and ill-wishers will bypass your house.

The cactus, planted in a beautiful pot with love and care, will become an assistant in business, will save you from waste and financial troubles, give material well-being.

Money Tree

Money tree (Crassula, Crassula) - the most famous plant for attracting wealth and good luck to the house.

In order for the tree to “work” and to reveal its magical properties with might and main, you need to plant it in a red or green pot, on the bottom of which you need to put a coin. On the branches of a fat woman, you need to tie red ribbons with coins.

If the Crassula is well cared for, it will delight with thick leaves, which are a symbol of large banknotes. Flowering of the fatty woman foreshadows a quick enrichment. If the plant begins to grow weak and dry out - to bankruptcy.


Hibiscus (Chinese rose) is the national symbol of Malaysia and the Hawaiian Islands. It is an emblem of peace, love and personifies passion.

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The presence of such a flower in the house will revive fading feelings, freshen up relationships, help start a stormy romance, support the love of spouses. Hibiscus patronizes love and makes its owner attractive and interesting for the opposite sex. A girl with a Chinese rose growing in her house will have many fans.

The flower creates energy of movement, fights against apathy and laziness, awakens creative abilities. Gives its owner confidence, vitality and strength.


Often a violet is called a flower of the world. She is a symbol of devotion, fidelity and eternal love. In the house where she grows, reign and comfort reign. There are practically no quarrels and conflicts in it. The energy of the flower attracts abundance, success and supports family well-being.

Violet is able to improve well-being, cheer up, give happiness and good luck, give confidence. To do this, a flower pot needs to be placed in the western part of the house. Depending on what color they are, there is an impact on a particular sphere of life.

  1. White violet eases mental suffering, struggles with differences between spouses.
  2. Pink and red - support health.
  3. Blue - promotes inspiration.
  4. Uzambara violet - protects the feelings of lovers, gives coziness and comfort.


From ancient times, myrtle was endowed with magical abilities. It is believed that it helps to strengthen marriage ties, establishes mutual understanding between the newlyweds, brings peace and happiness to the house. The plant is usually presented as a gift to the bride and groom.

It is believed that if the bride herself grew a flower and presented each guest with a twig at the wedding, the marriage will be long and happy, and the couple will live in peace and harmony.

In order for myrtle to become a talisman of family happiness, you need to put it in a beautiful pot and do not forget to thank for financial success, prosperity and comfort. The plant in response will help even more.


Indoor chrysanthemum has the ability to revive and maintain romantic feelings, faithful love, fight with gloom and a bad mood. It helps to maintain the right rhythm of life, returns confidence, calmness, the desire to please each other.

The flower retains tenderness and enhances mutual understanding between spouses for many years. Protects a person from the negative consequences of his own actions, stimulates to restore order not only in the house, but also in his soul. It attracts luck in undertakings, joy and fun, protects the house from the penetration of negative energy. The plant is able to maintain a balance of feelings and reason, strengthen the character.

A chrysanthemum presented to a girl will help her meet her soul mate. Yellow flowers have a strong love influence.

Love indoor plants and take care of them disinterestedly, then they will become a faithful amulet of your home.


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