7 amazing varieties of apples that you can grow in your garden

Apples are one of the most popular fruits. However, from the existing 10 thousand species of this tree, many are considered rare. Introducing 7 unusual varieties of apple trees that can be grown in your own area.

White Rose

White rose or “wax apple”, Pomeranose began its journey across the planet from East Asia. It has long been grown in Sri Lanka as an ornamental plant. The variety is heat-loving, fruiting well in the southern regions.

Original fruits resemble a pear in appearance, have no seeds. The pulp is characterized by unprecedented juiciness and tenderness. White rose has a bright unique aroma, is considered a magnificent honey plant.

Fruits usually in the 4th year after planting, from one tree you can collect up to 35 kg of fruits. Harvested apples are poorly stored, so the crop must be sent for processing as soon as possible.

Red love

A gardener from Switzerland, Marcus Cobert, developed a unique variety by crossing a tomato and an apple. He worked on this selection experience for about 20 years. The fruit grows on a tree, and its color and texture resembles a tomato.

Exot has a juicy pink-red flesh, a deep forest aroma and a rich berry taste. Its juice is remotely similar to cranberry juice.

The fruits are perfectly stored. When cutting and heat treatment, due to the high degree of antioxidants, they do not lose color. Red love blooms with beautiful dark pink flowers, bears fruit in the second year.

Black Diamond

The extremely rare Black Diamond variety was bred in China based on the New Zealand Hua Niu variety. In the mountains of Tibet, at an altitude of 3500 m above sea level, the first apple orchards were laid.

Due to the peculiar climate and using modern technologies, Chinese gardeners managed to significantly improve the characteristics of Hua Niu.

A ripe apple has a dark purple peel and good texture. Its flesh is insanely juicy and crispy. Black Diamond is unpretentious and resistant to frost, not susceptible to pests. Pollination by insects to apples is not required.

The fruits of the hybrid are VIP-class products. They are sold individually, or in gift wrapping for 6-8 fruits. The cost of one apple ranges from 6 to 20 dollars.

Javanese apple

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Javanese apple or "apple of love", bellifruit - one of the most original varieties native to the Nicobar and Andaman Islands. The fruit has a white and crisp pulp, with a slight acidity and a delicate aroma.

Unripe fruits are eaten as a vegetable: stew, cut into salads, make sauces. From ripe, already reminiscent of fruit to taste, make jams and jams, boil compotes. Fruits are not subject to long storage.

Javanese apple flowers contain tannin and have antibacterial properties. They are used in folk medicine as a strengthening and disinfectant. Essential oil used in cosmetology is made from the leaves of the plant. A decoction of the bark is drunk with fever and heat.

Hawaiian mountain apples

Hawaiian mountain apples are similar in appearance to a pear. They have a spicy taste with apple notes and the aroma of pink petals. The juicy fruit has crisp snow-white pulp and one large bone, like an avocado.

According to an old legend, fruits and trees of this variety bring happiness to the house. Hawaiians believe that these trees hold clouds above the island. Local companies often use this fruit in the brand name. One of Hawaiian music labels is called Mountain Apple.

Pink pearls

The breeder Albert Etter created this original apple variety in 1944 in Northern California on the basis of the Nedzwiecki apple tree and Surprise variety. Pink pearls instantly gained recognition in the northern states of America and began to spread throughout Europe, in particular - in Russia.

The variety has high winter hardiness. It begins to bloom in May. He needs pollinators. Apple trees of other varieties are perfect for this, because Pink pearls alone are sterile.

Harvesting lasts from August to September. The crop is stored for about a month. Apples are very juicy and fragrant. In their astringent taste notes of raspberry and grapefruit. These fruits have a yellow-green or plum color and a thin skin, have a low calorie content.

The pulp of the fruit of the Pink pearl is bright red or pearl pink. It contains a high amount of vitamins, iron and fiber.


Homeland of exotic fruit is Central America. Kaimito or "star apple" has a round shape. The green or purple-brown peel when the fruit ripens becomes purple. When cross cutting an apple, you can see a star-shaped pattern.

The peel is inedible due to the content of bitter milky juice. Usually the fruit is cut and a spoon is chosen juicy and sweet pulp, which has a pleasant nutty-fruit flavor.

Kaimito prefers well-lit areas and enriched moist soil. He tolerates low temperatures poorly, likes a hot climate. It contains a lot of phosphorus, iron and vitamin C. One tree produces up to 65 kg of fruit.


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