6 rare 2020 tomato varieties that will bring you a decent harvest

More and more original tomatoes settle on the beds of gardeners: black or purple, the size of a watermelon or a pea. Gourmets praise their palatability.

Black Heart of Breda

The variety was bred in California at the beginning of the two thousandth. It is considered mid-season: tomatoes ripen 90-130 days after planting. Fruits calmly tolerate temperature changes, can "reach" after removal from the bush - without loss of taste. Their distinguishing feature is maroon-black. The weight of a tomato sometimes reaches a kilogram. Several fruits appear on one bush at once.

Tomatoes have a specific taste: sweet with a characteristic fruity note. They can be eaten fresh or cooked in sauces and salads. They are grown in open ground and in greenhouses. Resistant to disease. They require nutritious soil and regular watering in moderation. Garter plants are desirable.

Black pineapple

The name was given to the variety by Belgian breeders. The fruits have a greenish-brown color, reminiscent of a real pineapple. It is duplicated inside tomatoes. The pulp is dense and fleshy with multi-colored veins. A high degree of sugar content makes the tomatoes taste sweet. The aroma contains fruity notes.

The variety belongs to large-fruited tomatoes. They can be eaten both raw and used for workpieces. For preservation in general, the fruits will not work, but where you need to chop or chop vegetables, they will fit perfectly. The average weight of one tomato is 500 grams.

The value of the variety lies in the resistance of tomatoes to cracking. The dense skin ensures good keeping quality: the fruits will not suffer during transportation. To obtain quality products, an abundance of sun and pinching are necessary.

Dark chocolate

Such tomatoes belong to the variety of cherry tomatoes. These are small fruits weighing no more than 30 grams. The species is resistant to disease and unpretentious in every way. Tomatoes are gathered in brushes, each of which contains 10-12 cocktail type tomatoes. They have an unusual chocolate color with a noble green tint. The dense skin helps them to remain well and not be damaged during transportation.

The taste is moderately sweet with a sour note. From one bush it is possible to get up to 5 kilograms of the crop. The variety is ideal for harvesting dried tomatoes and canning. The small size of the vegetables allows them to perfectly complement the voids in the banks. Tomatoes received a unique color thanks to anthocyanin. This substance strengthens the immune system and fights against viral infections.

Green grape

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A tall variety of cherry tomato is recommended for cultivation in a greenhouse and open ground. Tomatoes grow round, smooth and moderately dense. At the stage of maturity, they have a yellowish-greenish color. Vegetables have a long fruiting period.

The unpretentiousness of the variety is one of the significant advantages: it is resistant to many typical "tomato" diseases. It is able to bear fruit before the start of frost. The variety does not tolerate windy weather and the proximity to other vegetable crops.

Tomatoes need regular watering: they really like water. For fertilizing, only mineral quality fertilizers are used.

Stripes of the past

The second name is "Stripes of the Past." In the mid-ripening variety, the highest yield is obtained when 2-3 stems are formed. The fruits are round, smooth and smooth. At maturity, they have a bright yellow color with saturated purple strokes. The pulp is tasty and sweet.

Growing guidelines may include the following:

  • regular loosening of the soil (its drying is unacceptable);
  • mulching with hay, straw;
  • in hot weather - spraying with cold water several times a day;
  • growth stimulants with chemical additives are contraindicated.

Pink beauty

Ripening occurs on the hundredth day after full germination. The plant has a simple inflorescence and flat smooth fruits. The variety was bred in Barnaul and recommended for all regions. Can be planted in open ground and under the film. The bush is tall, and the leaves are small and few.

Tomatoes are intended for the preparation of salads and processing. Tomatoes have a beautiful, heart-shaped, saturated pink color. Fruits do not tolerate transportation, but are resistant to various viruses and fusarium. 9 kilograms of vegetables are removed from one square meter.

Seeds are pollinated with copper sulfate before planting. This will protect the future plant from mold and rot and will serve as top dressing, providing a large fruit size. In open ground, care consists of watering, weeding and garter.

If the usual taste and color of tomatoes is already tired, use the varieties from this selection and surprise all your friends.


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