6 beautiful botanical gardens of Russia, where you can peep a lot of interesting ideas for your flower garden

You can join nature not only thanks to hiking in the mountains or regular trips to the forest with barbecue. In Russia there are botanical gardens where all kinds of plants are represented, among which there are both the rarest and those that can be grown in your garden. Their visit can be a great source of ideas for decorating home flower beds.

The main botanical garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow

It was founded in 1945. The purpose of its creation is the preservation of the Erdenevsky grove and the Leonovsky forest. The main botanical garden was a little cultivated not only by footpaths, but by special landscape compositions that were made in full accordance with natural conditions.

Here you can see plants from almost all corners of the world. The collection has about 16 thousand species, 1900 of which are trees and shrubs, more than 5000 are representatives of tropical and subtropical territories. The highlight can be considered a garden of continuous flowering.

If you wish, you can use the services of a guide who will acquaint you with interesting facts not only about the diversity of flora, but also about indoor floriculture, landscaping, the dangers and benefits of tropical plants.

Sochi Arboretum

This is a garden and park ensemble, which was created at the end of the 19th century. Sochi Arboretum is considered one of the main attractions of the city, which is worth a visit for each guest.

The ensemble consists of two conventional parts, between which is located Resort Avenue. Each of them is decorated in its own style. The central part is more reminiscent of Italy. In it you can see various decorative elements, sculptures that describe scenes from myths, and exquisite arbors. The main part of the arboretum is made in the English style, which emphasized the beauty of wildlife.

It is noteworthy that summer always reigns in the arboretum. Here you can see not only more than 2000 species of exotic plants, but also strolling peacocks, swimming swans and pelicans.

Those who wish can also ride a cable car, which will facilitate the process of enjoying the silence and beauty of the complex.

Moscow Pharmacy Garden

This is the botanical garden (and the oldest in the Russian Federation) of Moscow University, which was founded by Peter I in 1706. Now it has the status of a specially protected natural area.

There is an arboretum with a collection of 2000 species of flora, including centuries-old trees, an old pond with weeping willows, a garden with a collection of shade-tolerant plants, coniferous and heather slides, collections of medicinal plants, as well as lilacs and orchids. The highlight is the exposition of predatory flowers, which was created just a few years ago.

In addition to plants, there are animals in the Pharmacy Town, including cocks, red-eared turtles and cats, which are the ancestors of the royal animals of the founder's time.

Various festivals and specialized exhibitions are held annually on the territory of the botanical complex.

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Nikitsky Botanical Garden in Yalta

This is a research institution whose employees deal with issues of fruit growing and botany. It is here that various experiments with plants are carried out, for example, experiments on tobacco culture first began here.

The arboretum, which consists of the Upper and Lower Parks united in one territory, the Montedor Park, where a collection of succulents is presented, and the Cape Martyan Nature Reserve, the path to which lies along an ecological path, deserves the greatest attention. There are also specialized exhibitions on the territory, such as the exhibition of orchids or butterflies.

Each visitor has the opportunity to participate in a fruit or wine tasting.

Peter the Great Botanical Garden in St. Petersburg

This green corner was born in 1714. Initially, it was a pharmacy garden on which medicinal herbs were grown for the military. It consisted of 26 greenhouses. After the creation of the Soviet Union, tropical and subtropical plants settled here. During the Leningrad blockade, the situation with this beautiful place was sad. Its beauty was restored only in the post-war period thanks to the help that came from Sukhumi and the Main Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Now this botanical garden is famous for the largest collection of greenhouse plants. In addition, everyone in the cold season can visit a specialized exhibition of blooming orchids and bromeliads, master classes in caring for these flowers.

Central Siberian Botanical Garden

This green corner in the Novosibirsk region is almost 70 years old. On the territory of the garden there are 12 scientific laboratories, coniferous and birch forests, the Zyryanka river.

The garden flora collection consists of 7000 species of plants, which are combined into separate zones. So there was a rocky garden, Bonsai Park, Garden of continuous flowering. There is also the best herbarium in the country, which consists of more than 500 thousand leaves and 1200 seeds.

The management plans to open a new exposition consisting of cacti. Also, everyone can buy seedlings for their site.

Botanical Garden in Rostov-on-Don

It was founded in 1927. Over the years, the botanical garden has more than doubled.

It includes a tree-decorative nursery, a rose garden, a syringary, a collection of fruit plants, nuts, and a coniferous fund. Here are represented about 5000 species of shrubs and trees, 1500 species of greenhouse plants, as well as a section of the natural steppe. There is also a mineral spring of Seraphim of Sarov, which is revered by Orthodox Christians.

If you wish, you can use the services of a guide, landscape designers, buy seedlings of fruit trees and rare flowers.


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