5 self-pollinated cucumber varieties that are incredibly easy to grow

Self-pollinating varieties of cucumbers do not require the presence of insects to set fruit. This gives them advantages: they can be planted in the early stages, the yield does not depend on the weather, because bees do not fly in the rain. On self-pollinated cucumbers, more fruits appear than on other relatives and taste is higher. The most unpretentious varieties in care are described in this article.

Tornado F1

The early ripe super yielding hybrid is intended for cultivation as an indoor crop, on a balcony and in protected ground. Fruits are dark green, smooth, aligned, have unexpressed ribbing. They grow in length 18-20 cm. Taste is high: cucumbers are crispy, sweet, bitterness is absent.

Fruiting friendly, in the early stages. It is resistant to high temperatures, when growing in seedlings after transplanting, buds and ovaries do not fall. He does not like the lack of light, moisture, nutrition. Afraid of drafts and watering with cold water.

Mazai F1

Parthenocarpic early ripe gherkin hybrid. The stems are medium-branched with a pair of ovaries in each node. Designed for growing indoors, in the southern regions you can sow directly on the beds.

The fruits are aligned, 10-15 cm in length and weighing 100 g. At the same time, a large number of cucumbers ripen. They taste great without bitterness. Suitable for fresh use and pickling.

It is practically not exposed to root rot and other cucumber diseases. At the beginning of fruiting, frequent and plentiful watering is required. In a rainy summer, thinning of the lashes is recommended, otherwise the cucumbers will begin to rot.

Responsive to top dressing and improved soil aeration - loosening, which is recommended to combine with weeding.

Taganay F1

Variety sprinter for growth and ripening speed. The first fruits can be harvested on day 37 after emergence. The central stem grows rapidly and branches strongly. Cucumbers are tied with numerous "bouquets" of 5-6 ovaries, of which 2-3 in each node.

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The leaves are small, do not obscure the dark green smooth fruits with a thin, spotted, white-spiky skin. Thanks to the dense pulp, cucumbers go for preservation, cooking pickles and salads. They easily transport and keep their presentation for a long time. They grow until the first frost. The hybrid is resistant to powdery mildew.

The advantage is high yield. From one bush you can collect up to 40 kg of cucumbers. This variety is indispensable in a limited area of ​​the garden. Normal care: watering with warm water, top dressing, pinching.


The main condition for a large crop is generous watering and top dressing. An early appearance, the ripening period is approximately 50 days. Suitable for growing in open ground and in greenhouses. The stalk is medium-branched, powerful with large leaves.

The fruits are deep green with dense skin covered with white spikes. They grow on average 10 cm and have a weight of 70-90 gr. The taste is sweet, juicy, without bitterness. Cucumbers do not turn yellow during prolonged storage.

April F1

On weakly branched bushes with limited lateral shoots, many tuberous fruits are tied. Ripening, they do not turn yellow and do not become bitter. Go for the preparation of salads, fresh consumption. The hybrid is characterized by productivity.

Suitable for cultivation in open and closed ground, on the windowsill. The lash grows to 3 meters. The tops of the central and lateral stems are recommended to break off - “blind.” Further formation takes place independently and does not require intervention.

To grow one bush requires a lot of space. Therefore, one plant is planted per 1 square meter. The hybrid does not tolerate shading, very photophilous. Advantages: cold resistance, high germination of seeds and productivity under any conditions.

When planting one of the five varieties, the crop will be provided in the early stages. Cultivation does not require much effort, and the result will please. Delicious cucumbers will always be present on your table.


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