5 rare collection varieties of tomatoes that may interest you

If you are already tired of the usual tomatoes grown in the country every year, pay attention to rare varieties. Collectible tomatoes will appeal to any gardener. It is always interesting to appreciate foreign novelties that have excellent taste and exotic appearance.

Tomato Abraham Lincoln

America was the birthplace of this mid-early variety, where it was bred by breeders at the beginning of the last century. Bushes are indeterminate, extend to 1.2 meters or more. Need to be attached to a support.

Harvest ripening occurs 85 days after the appearance of the first seedlings. The fruits are large, even, of the same size. Weight is from 200 to 500 g. Sometimes they can weigh a kilogram.

Rounded, slightly flattened. The color is pink. The plant is immune to diseases of fungal origin. The yield is stable, both in the greenhouse and in the open ground.

Tomato Pineapple

Another representative of American breeding. Appeared in our country not so long ago, but has already managed to become popular. Tall early ripe variety intended for growing in greenhouses.

Bushes are recommended to form in three stems, tied to a trellis. It is distinguished by a long fruiting period - until the fall, with proper care. The shape of the tomatoes is flat round. Their color is yellow-pink.

The pulp is dense, fleshy, the shade is heterogeneous. There are few seed chambers. It has a light citrus aroma. The taste is sweet, without acid. By the end of the season, taste is still improving.

On one brush, 5-6 large tomatoes are formed. Weight can reach 900 g, but more common are 250 g each. They are not prone to cracking and almost never get sick. Well tolerate transportation. The culinary application is universal - cut into salads, make preparations for the winter and pasta.

Banana Feet

American determinant view. Unpretentious in care and widespread enough. Pleases summer residents with plentiful harvests. Received its name for the external similarity of fruits with bananas. They have an elongated shape, pointed at the bottom, and painted in bright yellow.

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Plants bear fruit until frost, are not afraid of cooling and are resistant to late blight. They tolerate temperature fluctuations. Collection of ripe specimens can begin as early as 70-80 days from germination.

The height of the bush reaches 1.5 meters, do not need pinching. The mass of tomatoes is 50-80 g. Their length is 8-10 cm. They are consumed fresh, used for sauces and marinades. From one plant receive 4-6 kg of delicious fruits.

It belongs to the carpal varieties, and in one brush from 7 to 13 ovaries are formed. Their maturation is friendly. The pulp is tender with a minimum of seeds. The taste is sweet with a slight acidity. The peel is dense, which is suitable for canning. They are stored for a long time without loss of presentation.

Tomato White Tomesol

It was bred in Germany. They grow it in closed ground and on street beds. Amazingly yielding mid-season variety. Refers to collectibles.

Bushes are tall - up to 1.8 meters. They need stepsoning - they cannot do without support. The color of the fruit is creamy yellowish, and when ripe, the surface is covered with pink spots.

The skin color depends on the amount of sunlight - the more, the darker it will become. The yield of the crop is gradual. Tomatoes weigh 200-300 g. A rounded, slightly flattened shape. They have a pleasant sweet taste, juicy. Do not cause allergies. Recommended for children and diet. The dense skin allows them to be salted whole, and they are rarely allowed for processing.

Tomato Bradley

It was received back in the 60s of the last century in the United States, but is still considered a curiosity. The determinant variety, the bushes are elegant, limited in growth - the height does not exceed 120 cm. Covered with dense foliage.

Shoots appear after 2-5 days. They like regular watering, which has a positive effect on taste. For this, only heated water is used. But the plant is able to calmly tolerate hot weather and drought.

Does not suffer from Fusarium. Fruiting is stable. Fruits ripen on the 80th day from germination. Their weight is 200-300 g. Tomatoes are sweet and juicy. The color is saturated red, there are few seeds in them. The pulp is dense. Designed for salads.


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