5 original ways to use pallets in the area

It's amazing how much you can create from old unnecessary things. Many people consider wooden euro pallets to be useless pieces of wood and send them to the scrap. But in skilled hands, even they can turn into useful garden furniture.

Horizontal beds

This option allows you to streamline the cultivation of seedlings, because its bushes grow in clear rows. Moreover, in each row between the boards, you can plant various species and varieties of plants, so as not to get confused in them in the future.

Horizontal designs look neat and original. An important advantage of such structures is the inability to germinate weeds between rows of plants.

Garden bed

It is a high construction made of wooden pallets, which can be moved from place to place. If desired, it can be covered with plastic wrap on top, thus creating a real mini-greenhouse.

Such structures can also be used as an element of decor for a personal plot. They look very original when growing pumpkins, zucchini, cucumbers or strawberry bushes in them.

Vertical beds from pallets

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A great solution if the area of ​​the garden is much less than we would like. Their other advantages are the absence of weeds and an unusual beautiful appearance. If necessary, the green "wall" can always be moved to another place without much difficulty.

But the disadvantages of this method of growing plants are much greater:

  • suitable only for certain types of plants (flowers, strawberries, greens);
  • watering should be carried out very carefully (water should be poured from a watering can with a thin stream under each bush separately);
  • soil replacement during its depletion is a rather laborious process;
  • during the onset of cold weather, the entire structure must be moved to a warm place, since it is unlikely to be insulated on the spot due to its large size;
  • damage to wooden slats by insects.

Pallets in the balcony

One of the best materials for growing greens or flowers on the balcony is wooden pallets. Of these, you can make ordinary vertical beds. Or place wooden crates along the walls and attach containers of climbing plants to their slats.

Pallet screens

From pallets you can design an original screen. It can be used in the recreation area of ​​the garden or to delimit the zones of the garden. Sometimes a screen is used as a shade of plants.


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