5 life hacks for a summer cottage that will come in handy for you this winter

In winter, it is very difficult to maintain cleanliness in the country. It is necessary to clean sand and snow daily. Hot batteries dry the air very much, and things barely fit on a hanger. Some life hacks will help you quickly clean up your home.

Plastic or rubber pallet with gravel

It is necessary to dispose of the adhering snow on the boots on the street, so as not to wipe the puddles in the hallway later. Experts advise using a method that reduces the cost of effort and time for cleaning dirt: put a small tray with gravel.

As soon as you enter the house, take off your shoes and put them in the pallet. After the water drains, rinse your shoes well. Clean the container as necessary. You can buy containers at a hardware store or use an old tray.

Many people prefer not to use gravel because it is difficult to wash: they use an empty container. The advantage of this method is that you can remove the boots directly on the pallet.

Lay hard-mats on both sides of the door

Vacuuming the hall every day, when there is a large number of shoes in it, is quite difficult. Cleaning is necessary to get rid of sand. You can use the popular life hack. It is necessary to put fleecy rugs on the threshold and at the door itself. They must be periodically cleaned of dirt and put into dry cleaning annually.

Apply a little vegetable oil to the shovel

So that wet snow does not stick to the shovel, it is necessary to apply a little vegetable oil on it. So it will quickly slide off the tool, and you can easily clean the entire yard.

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You can also sprinkle snow on the salt. From its effects, it quickly melts. But this method should be used with caution so as not to spoil the shoes and not harm the soil.

Hang a damp cloth on the battery with the tip down in a container of water

In a room with low humidity, people feel uncomfortable. The skin begins to peel off, a cough, soreness occurs. Therefore, in winter it is necessary to moisten the air.

The easiest method is to buy a humidifier. When there is no desire to spend money on the device, you can hang a wet rag on the battery, dropping its end in a container of water.

Make a shoe hanger with clips

So that shoes with high shafts do not interfere in the hallway, you need to make a hanger with small clips for it. If the room is small, then you can do without a hanger: put an empty plastic bottle or a roll of thick cardboard in the boot. Shoes will be level and will not take up much space.

If you follow the listed life hacks, the house will always be clean and well maintained.


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