5 honey tomatoes that I plant in my garden every year

I try to eat natural products, of which there is no doubt, so I grow vegetables on my own at the cottage. Having been doing this for a long time, of course, I determined for myself the varieties that I like most.

I plant a lot of tomatoes at my site: I really like this fresh vegetable, and for the winter I make pickles. For myself, I chose several options that I must plant every year. These tomatoes are incredibly sweet, the fruits of each variety have a peculiar aftertaste of honey or berries. For a fresh salad, this is a great option.

Honey pear F1

This tomato hybrid is pear-shaped and yellow when fully ripened. Sometimes I take from the bush a little unripe fruit, they are usually yellow-green, also incredibly tasty. But the sweetness at each stage of ripening is different: the maximum taste is revealed nevertheless at the end.

This species is tall and early, for myself I have identified several of its advantages:

  • excellent stress resistance, the hybrid is not exposed to diseases and is not picky in care;
  • perfect for fresh consumption and for conservation, which allows you to make a reserve for the cold season;
  • high productivity: the number of fruits from one bush is always pleasantly surprising.

Melon Honey F1

This tomato also belongs to tall early ripe hybrids with excellent taste. The fruits are shaped like a heart of large size, while the yield level is high. At full maturity, the tomatoes become saturated yellow. Sometimes I shoot a little unripe: they are green with a dark spot.

I always plant this hybrid because of its incredibly rich taste. The tomato has a pronounced aftertaste of melon and a very delicate pulp that just melts in the mouth. To appreciate the taste, you need to try a ripe and high-quality tomato, I highly recommend it.

Green honey

This variety is great for outdoor cultivation or cultivation under the film. The tomatoes themselves are dense, not very large and slightly elongated, and the surface is slightly ribbed. The peel of the fruit has a yellow tint, and inside the tomato is green.

I have isolated this variety for myself because of the long fruiting. Harvest can be harvested almost to frost in large quantities. The tomatoes themselves are small, the average weight is 60-70 gr.

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Raspberry honey

These tomatoes deserve special attention. I love this variety very much, I always grow and always make stocks for the winter. The incredible aroma and taste of tomato cannot be described, it must definitely be tried. The fruit lacks the core familiar to all tomatoes - the “bone", which is partly the reason for the unusual taste.

These tomatoes are highlighted in color: a ripe tomato becomes rich raspberry. The fruits are always large and round, quite dense. Tomatoes during growth require the formation of a bush and garter, and the ripening rate is average.

Honey caramel F1

Small orange tomatoes always stand out in my area. Fruits grow in tassels: I have ripened up to 20 pieces on one. I really like their small size and dense structure, I often use them for marinade for the winter, because they never crack the skin. Fragrant and very sweet tomatoes are great for salad and decoration of various dishes.

All small tomatoes have a high beta-carotene content, which makes them even more healthy. This variety also pleases:

  • fast ripening speed;
  • longevity and good preservation of vegetables;
  • disease resistance;
  • resistant to bad weather conditions.

All varieties that I choose for planting have a very good yield. Each time when picking fruits, I am surprised at their quantity, while the quality is also not at all inferior. Fruits always have a flat surface and do not crack when ripe.

I really like to grow tomatoes, despite the fact that they need constant and varied care. In order for the result to maximize the pleasing taste and appearance, you need to follow some rules when planting and further care.

The fruits of all these varieties have an excellent sweet taste, they are incredibly tender and juicy. I am sure that all the work on the beds is certainly worth the result. For growing, I most often choose early varieties and medium ripeness. Always follow a series of rules.

  1. For maximum sweetness of the fruit, they just need light, so you need to choose a sunny place for planting.
  2. Watering tomatoes must be done abundantly, but not too often. So that sugar is not washed out of the fruit, water in moderation.
  3. Be sure to monitor the temperature of the water, it should be at least 23 degrees. Before watering, a small amount of manure or compost can be added to the water.
  4. We must not forget about top dressing: sometimes when watering in 1 bucket of water, you can add 4-5 drops of iodine or boric acid, 1 glass of ash or 1 tablespoon of salt, you need to water half a liter per bush. Feeding options must be alternated and not mixed with each other.
  5. Before planting tomatoes in the ground, you need to prepare it. Loosen and add phosphate-based fertilizers in advance. Tomatoes in the period of all growth require loose soil, therefore, loosening and getting rid of weeds must be done regularly.
  6. We must not forget about pinching and tying.

Growing a decent crop is not difficult, but you need to have some knowledge and regularly care for tomatoes throughout the period until the end of fruiting. But the result always justifies all the work. Tomatoes of incredible taste from your garden are worth a small investment.


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