5 early ripening eggplant varieties for the middle lane

In central Russia, a short and cool summer. Under these conditions, it is necessary to plant early-ripe varieties of eggplant, which, with proper care, will yield a high and high-quality crop.

"King of the North" F1

This is a frost-resistant variety that is not afraid of small frosts. But the heat is unacceptable for him, so the “King of the North” is not suitable for cultivation in the southern regions of the country.

This hybrid is one of the earliest and most fruitful among eggplants. It has a high seed germination rate, as well as a fast growth rate. "King of the North" blooms early, well-tied fruits.

The average mass of ripe eggplant is 300 g. Its flesh is white in color, excellent taste. Fruiting lasts throughout the summer. The King of the North hybrid can be used for cultivation in greenhouses and an open ground.

"Ural precocious"

The variety is not only early ripe, but also resistant to temperature stress. Suitable for cultivation in a greenhouse and in open ground. The shape of the vegetable is pear-shaped. Color - lilac, weight - 300 g. The pulp is white, without bitterness.

A feature of the “Ural precocious” is the ability to form fruits under any conditions. This vegetable crop has high adaptive abilities.

Alyoshka F1

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This hybrid is one of the best for growing in central Russia. Its main advantages:

  • friendly germination;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • resistance to cold;
  • increased productivity;
  • large fruits.

The weight of a ripe vegetable is about 250 g. The pulp is dense, without bitterness. Suitable "Alyoshka" for open and closed ground. The hybrid is resistant to sudden temperature jumps. Fruits are well tied when grown without shelter.


This is a mid-early variety characterized by high productivity. It can be cultivated both in open and in closed ground. The main advantages are early ripening, resistance to drought.

The plant itself is tall. The shape of ripe vegetables is cylindrical. The eggplants are glossy; their average weight is 250 g and their length is 17 cm.

Striped Family F1

This name was not given to the hybrid by accident, as its ripe fruits have a lilac color with white stripes. Vegetables are distinguished by excellent taste: the pulp is tender, slightly sweet and does not bite at all.

An unusual type of fruiting is characteristic of the Striped Family: bunches, 2-4 vegetables each. The average weight of eggplant is 150-200 g. The plant grows to 120 cm. Suitable for cultivation in open and closed ground.


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