5 beautiful plants that our children and grandchildren will no longer see

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Man often recklessly refers to nature. Satisfying his curiosity and irrepressible needs, he exterminated a large number of representatives of the animal and plant world. On the verge of extinction are several more species of amazingly beautiful flowers, and if measures are not taken to preserve them, then our children and grandchildren can never see them.

Risantella Gardner

Risantella gardner belongs to the orchid family. This exotic plant is represented by only 50 colonies that grow in Western Australia.

Unlike other types of orchids, Gardner's risantella spends his whole life underground. Only during the flowering period, which occurs in May-June, does it release on the surface an inflorescence consisting of 8 - 90 maroon flowers.

Despite the bright and very beautiful colors, the flowers of the Gardner risantella have an unpleasant odor, reminiscent of the smell of formalin.

Nepentes Attenborough

Nepentes Attenborough is an insectivorous shrub reaching about 1.5 meters in height. Not only insects, but also small rodents fall into its trap lily, the dimensions of which are 25 cm long and 12 cm wide.

This rare representative of the flora got its name in honor of naturalist researcher David Attenborough. Nepentes Attenborough grows only in the Philippines, on the slopes of Mount Victoria Island of Palawan. The plant could be classified only in 2007, as it is rarely found and distributed in a very small area. Today, this predatory shrub is on the verge of extinction, including due to poaching.

Mammillaria Herrera

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Mammillaria Herrera is a miniature beautifully flowering cactus. His homeland is Mexico. There he is found only near the town of Caderata, Queretaro.

This plant is very attractive and unpretentious. Unfortunately, due to the popularity among gardeners, its abundance in the wild has declined by 90% these days.


Meduzagina Superfine is an exotic tree that grows only in the Seychelles on the island of Mahe. It grows about 9 meters in height. The peculiarity of the Medusagina Superleaf is that its fruits resemble a jellyfish in shape.

For a long time, the plant was considered extinct, but currently about 90 of its representatives are found. This fact allows us to hope that due to the protective actions of the Seychelles, the number of this endangered plant will be restored.

Palm tahina

Tahina palm tree is called suicide palm trees. It reaches about 18 meters in height and grows only in Madagascar in the area of ​​Analalava. Currently, about 30 such plants have been preserved in nature.

A feature of this type of palm tree is that during the life of 30 to 50 years, it does not bear fruit. However, before death, it blooms and bears fruit. This process draws the last forces from it, after which the Tahina palm dries up.

The experts consider the reasons for the disappearance of this unusual plant to be the massive felling of the jungle, the fires and the reproduction of suicide palm trees.


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