45 best ideas for using fern in landscape design (photo)

In landscape design, fern is used very actively. This is because this plant perfectly survives in shaded areas. Gardeners love ferns for its varied, lush forms and many varieties.

The main direction where the fern reveals itself fully is the style of natural gardens - naturgardens. In addition to the fact that this style is now at the peak of fashion, it is also quite profitable, as it is suitable for any relief and does not require leveling the terrain.

Eco gardens in spring are full of different colors due to flowering plants, but a little later, bright shades are muffled and convey the primacy of greenery. Ferns with their lush forms and textured carved leaves-vaiyas stand out noticeably from other plantings.

There are about 200 species of garden ferns, among which there are frost-resistant, able to withstand our cold winters in the open ground. In addition, these species are resistant to diseases and pests.

There are very beautiful types of ferns, in which the vayi have an original color, which allows you to diversify the color palette of the compositions. Flowerbeds and lawns with such plants look fresh and attractive.

Kochedzhizhnik Japanese "Pictum":

Fern Brilliance:

Kochedzhizhnik Japanese "Pictum":

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Fern Variety Autumn Fern:

Red-Russed Thyroid Autumn:

Mostly ferns are stunted, but there are tree-like giants that can be used as tapeworms.

Ferns are unpretentious plants, and therefore they can be planted both on a sunny area with dry soil, and on moist soil near water bodies.

A large number of species and varieties of ferns allows you to use them in any styles and directions of landscape design. The plant, with its variety of shapes and shades, will decorate any floral arrangements both in a large park and in a personal plot.

There is always a place for this plant in complex compositions, which is why they decorate gardens in different styles.

The decorative garden fern is in harmony with the stones in the alpine slides.

In landscape design, ferns can be represented as a background for flowering plants. They actively fill large flower beds and flower beds, where a lot of volume is required.


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