13 fruit plants that can be grown at home from an ordinary seed

In this article, we will consider what fruit plants can be grown from seeds at home and how to do this.


Apricot kernel is planted immediately after extraction from the fetus. Only half of the seedlings sprout, and a quarter of the seedlings die in the first year. Therefore, a lot of seeds are needed.

They are planted at a distance of 10 cm from each other to a depth of 5-6 cm. From above, the ground is covered with spruce turf, so that it is easier for seedlings to survive the winter.

The ideal time for landing is October. In April, the land begins to be watered so that shoots appear in May.

The tree begins to bear fruit 3-5 years after planting a seed.


The fruit from which the bone is extracted must be ripe. The soil mixture consists in equal shares of turf land, sand and peat. Planting a plant is better in February. The stone is placed in the ground so that the sharp tip remains at the top. After 3-4 weeks, seedlings will appear.

Avocados love light and humidity. It is watered as it dries, and the air around is regularly sprayed, trying to prevent water from falling on the leaves.

Usually the tree does not bear fruit and is used for decorative purposes.

Cherry plum

The fetal bone sprouts for a long time - from 6 months to a year.

The fruit berry must be large and ripe. Several seeds are placed in one hole at once, since most of them do not germinate. They plant the plant in late autumn in loose soil to a depth of 4 cm. Seedlings appear in May. It remains to regularly water and loosen the earth. It is advisable to cover the seedlings from the sun at first.

The tree begins to bear fruit for 2-3 years.


Most suitable for cultivation are such varieties of cherries as tree, ordinary and felt.

Cherry is chosen mature and not eaten by worms. You can even use berries that have fallen from a tree. But the fruits of the store should not be taken. The substrate for the plant is a combination of turf, leafy soil, peat and a small amount of sand. A seed is planted in early autumn to a depth of 2 to 3 cm.

Cherry loves warmth and light. The temperature comfortable for her is not less than +15 Сº.

The tree gives the first fruits for 3-4 years after planting.


The washed bones are kept for about an hour in hot (but not above +50 ° C) water. A pot of about two liters is prepared and filled with fertile soil. The seeds are planted to a depth of 2.5 cm, watered and cover the pot with film. Shoots appear after three weeks. All this time, the film is not removed, but sometimes it is raised to a little air. The strongest sprouts are transplanted into a large pot.

The tree begins to delight in fruits 5-10 years after planting.


Planted in the same way as an orange. Requires annual pruning. To wait for the fruits from this tree, you need to be patient: the first lemons appear only 12-14 years after planting.

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For the tree to bear fruit, it is better to buy seeds in the store. The bones are washed in cold water and dried. The soil for sowing should consist of turf land, peat and sand (in equal parts). In the pot, drainage is made, the soil is moistened and bones are placed to a depth of 1 cm. Then the pot is covered with a film and placed on the windowsill of the sunny side of the house. Sprouts hatch after about seven days. The weakest of them are removed.

Pomegranates grown from seeds at home, with proper care, give the first fruits after seven years. And the trees grown from the seeds of a hybrid pomegranate - after 2-3 years.


Bones can be planted immediately after extraction from the fruit. Each of them has its own capacity. It is better to plant in the spring. A stone is placed in the soil from peat and potting soil to a depth of about 2 cm. Then it is covered with a film and placed on a sunny warm window sill.

The first sprouts appear after 2-3 weeks. After the shoot grows to about 10 cm, it is transplanted into a larger pot.

Fruits of trees grown at home, with difficulty, no earlier than 6-7 years after planting.


Evergreen tree with beautiful carved leaves.

Each bone is planted in moistened peat mix for seedling. Planting depth - up to 2 cm. From above the pot is covered with a film. The first sprouts will appear in about a month. After they reach 1.5 cm in height, the film is removed. The temperature must be monitored: it is important that it does not fall below +18 ° C. The medlar is watered as the topsoil dries.

Medlar under favorable conditions begins to bear fruit 4-6 years after planting.


Shrub up to 4 m in height with delicious healing berries.

Seeds are taken from green berries. Planted in late August - early autumn. They deepen the bone by 3 cm, not more. Shoots are regularly watered and shaded from the sun.

The bush begins to bear fruit only after 7-10 years.


The stone is washed and dried, and before planting, it is soaked in water for a couple of days. Planted closer to the end of autumn. The bone is planted to a depth of 8 cm, watered and covered with sawdust. Shoots appear only in the spring. A young tree is regularly watered and sprayed.

And after 3-4 years, the first fruits appear on this tree.

Date fruit

The bones are placed in water for 1-2 days. Then the remaining pulp is removed, planted to a depth of 3-4 cm with the sharp end up and covered with a film. Sprouts will appear in about 2 weeks. The soil for dates is bought in a garden store. It is better to put the pot on the eastern or western windowsill.

At home, the date does not bear fruit, but it copes well with the decorative role.


The bones are washed and soaked in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. The pop-up is removed, the remaining ones are laid out on wet gauze and covered with a film. Make sure that the gauze remains wet. The bones are pecked after a few weeks. They are placed to a depth of 2 cm in a mixture of peat and sand, regularly watered and fed.

After 2-3 years, the plant is inoculated, and after 4-5 years, the first fruits appear on it.


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