10 original ideas for harvesting persimmons for the winter

With the onset of cold weather, bright and juicy persimmons reach maximum ripeness. It’s just impossible to walk past her in the store! Of course, persimmon is tasty and in kind, but if you experiment a little in the kitchen, you can create many interesting blanks for the winter.

Persimmon Mousse


  • persimmon - 1 pc.;
  • gelatin - 15 g;
  • lemon juice.

Cut persimmons into bays with cold water and add lemon juice. This will help remove viscosity. Boil the fruit for 5 minutes in the same liquid. We dilute gelatin as it is written in the instructions: for about an hour it will swell.

Grind boiled persimmons in a blender and add the gelatin mixture. Beat again until the dessert begins to lighten. Pour into glasses and send to the refrigerator for 5 minutes. Mousse is ready!

Persimmon jam


  • 1 kg of persimmon;
  • 70 ml of water;
  • 1 lemon or orange;
  • spices: vanilla, cinnamon, anise, pink pepper.

Classic persimmon jam is made without sugar. It is important to use natural spices, not powder ones. When cleaning the fruit, you need to remove not only the stalk, but also the skin.

Pass the pulp through a meat grinder. In a pan with a thick bottom, mix water and freshly squeezed citrus juice. After boiling, throw spices, zest and keep everything on fire for 15 minutes. Add persimmon and cook for another 20 minutes. So that the treat does not stick to the walls, during cooking it needs to be stirred all the time.

It is necessary to store the finished jam in the refrigerator, putting it in glass jars with a tightly screwed lid.

Dried persimmon

In this recipe, the main thing is to choose the right fruits: they must be quite ripe and not solid. The presence of a handle with a tail is important.

With washed fruit, carefully cut the peel. We connect the fruits by the tails with a strong thread. We make sure that the fruits do not touch each other, otherwise there is a risk that they will deteriorate. We hang persimmons on wooden struts and wait for the appearance of a white coating. This is a normal and natural process - this is how sugar stands out. For two months, periodically massage the persimmon with your hand so that the sugar does not begin to harden.

Withered fruit is best stored in a paper bag or wooden container with a lid.

Dried persimmons

Drying persimmons is made entirely and using a special technology. In the old days this was done in the fresh air, in warm and dry weather. Fruits should not lie on the surface, but be in limbo. Before the procedure, the fruits do not need to be washed - this can provoke decay processes. For hanging, prepare a strong rope, fishing line or dental floss.

We wrap fruit ponytails with a thread and tie it to the rope with a knot. To protect against insects, we cover persimmon with gauze.

Drying in the sun can take 1.5 months. The more light there is around, the faster the process will go.

Dried persimmons are stored in the same way as dried persimmons.

Persimmon jam with ginger and pumpkin


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  • 300 g pumpkin;
  • several fruits of persimmon;
  • 1 cup sugar;
  • a slice of fresh ginger root;
  • 100 ml of water.

We grind pumpkin and persimmons in a combine, grated peeled ginger. We combine everything with water and sugar and cook over medium heat for an hour. To do this, you can use the slow cooker.

Ready jam should be stored in glass jars in a cool place.

Persimmon compote


  • 1 kg of persimmon;
  • 1 liter of water;
  • 1 cup of sugar.

Even a novice housewife can cope with the classic version of this recipe.

From water and sugar over low heat, cook the syrup. We cut the persimmon into arbitrary pieces and send it to the pan along with the juice that has stood out. Cook for a few minutes, and then cool the drink. It is very useful for the gastrointestinal tract.

Sugar-free persimmon juice


  • equal amount of persimmons and pears.

The fruits are peeled and peeled and passed through a juicer. Mix the juice, boil and pour into clean jars. We sterilize for 20 minutes, roll it up with metal lids and put it into storage in the cellar or pantry.

Sugar-free apple and persimmon juice

By analogy with the previous recipe, persimmon juice is prepared with the addition of apples. They need to be peeled and passed through a meat grinder - so you get juice with pulp. Then you need to mix it with persimmon juice, boil and roll into sterilized jars.

Frozen Persimmon

If the persimmon fruits have not yet had time to fully ripen, then the tart pulp will bind in the mouth. During freezing, this unpleasant property disappears completely, and the fruit becomes more sweet.

To freeze my persimmons and dry them with paper towels. Each fruit is wrapped in a separate bag and sent to the freezer for 12 hours.

You can do this as well: cut the fruit into 6 parts and remove the seeds from it. Cover the bottom of the food container with cellophane and lay out fruit slices. We put it in the freeze.

For making any sweet dessert, frozen persimmon puree is useful. We chop the fruit pulp in a blender and freeze it in ice molds.

Homemade Persimmon Wine


  • 3 kg of persimmon;
  • 2.5 liters of water;
  • 600 g of granulated sugar;
  • a pinch of citric acid;
  • yeast or wine yeast.

We grind the persimmon pieces together with the peel and put them into a non-metal container with a wide neck. Stir the sugar in cold water and pour the persimmon into the resulting syrup. Add the leaven and mix thoroughly. Cover with gauze and remove for 3 days in a dark place. After some time, a foam and a characteristic smell will appear. This is a natural process.

We filter the wort through several layers of gauze. Add sugar and citric acid to pure juice. Mix and clean in a dark room. Homemade persimmon wine can ferment for one to two months.


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