10 most beautiful flowers in the world

The most beautiful flowers in the world make an impressive list, which includes specimens from all over the Earth. Individual varieties are not quite flowers in the usual sense and have dimensions comparable to the height of a small tree. Some are pleasing to the eye for a whole season, while others exist in a matter of hours. Among them come across those that forever leave a lasting impression. Many gardeners in the world dream of growing them in their plots, but this is not always possible.


Rafflesias bloom no more than 4 days and attract flies with their “aroma”

She is a "cadaverous flower." This plant is a parasite without stems and leaves, with flowers 60-100 cm in diameter and weighing more than 10 kg, which emit a smell of rotten meat.

Rafflesia grows in tropical forests and is not suitable for home breeding. Numerous attempts to get it in the greenhouse almost always ended in failure.

Amorphophallus titanic

During flowering, the amorphophallus ear is heated to 40 ° C.

Another name is “devilish language”. Once it could easily be found in the sultry forests of Indonesia, today it is a real rarity. The plant is up to 2.5 m tall and weighing more than 50 kg. This beauty is fragrant with the “aroma” of rotten fish, which, together with its gigantic size, makes it impossible to grow amorphophallus in a summer cottage. Yes, and such flowers do not grow in the climatic conditions of the Russian Federation, therefore, to see the “devilish language”, you have to go, for example, to Sumatra.

The life expectancy of titanic amorphophallus is 40 years, but it blooms during this time only 3 or 4 times.


Due to its African origin, gazania is particularly resistant to drought.

The South African "treasure flower" is striking in its graphic petal pattern. Its second name is “the flower of the sun”, it explains that it is possible to fully appreciate the beauty of a plant only at bright noon. At other times, the inflorescences are closed.

Gazania successfully bred in Russian latitudes. It is not difficult if seedlings are first grown from seeds. Choosing a place for gazania in the flower garden, it is worth paying attention to an open sunny area with light soil.

You can learn more about growing this plant from the material: ozelenenie / gatsaniya-vyirashhivanie-i-uhod.html

Rainbow roses

Rainbow roses - the modern popular "antidepressant" in the world of flowers

This is the result of the work of professional flower growers, the meaning of which is in the special technology of watering roses. It is important to be able to mix paints correctly. To obtain a flower of rare beauty, it is required to make several cuts on the stem in the form of separate channels. For each of them, initially a snow-white rose will “drink” water of a certain color. It's not as simple as it might seem at first glance, but the results are worth it.

By the way, other flowers can be grown in the same way, in particular tulips, chrysanthemums, orchids and hydrangeas.

White Heron Orchid

Many breeders develop new varieties of this type of orchid with different colors of petals, but it is considered the most common

In the Far East, in Primorye and Amur Region, a miracle flower grows, resembling the delicate feathers of a white bird. It is also found on the Japanese islands. "White Heron" is popular in the Land of the Rising Sun, it is actively bred, but in the natural environment the plant is found less and less.

It is believed that an exotic orchid is easy to grow at home in a flower pot. The main thing is to provide it with high soil moisture during the active period, and in the dormant season, make sure that the soil does not dry out, adding water on time. However, experts say that only an experienced grower can get a worthy plant of rare beauty from a seed.

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It is not the flowers themselves that give the unusual appearance to the proteins, but their leaf wrappers painted in yellow, pink, blue-pink

This plant is considered one of the most beautiful on Earth among those that are able to bloom. His homeland is the African continent. An amazing feature of an exotic flower is its content of an incredible amount of nectar, for which the protea was nicknamed the “barrel of honey”.

The flower lends itself to breeding and growing in Russia. In a mild climate, a plant can become a garden perennial, and in a more severe climate it will be a decoration of a greenhouse or at least a window sill. To do this, it is important to provide the proteus with warmth, plenty of light and an influx of fresh air.

In South Africa, protea is the most popular and favorite plant. One of its species - the royal protea - is considered a symbol of South Africa.


Flower designers and flower arrangers are happy to use strelitzia in their compositions, as it gives a peculiar flavor and sophistication

The second name is "bird of paradise." At home, in South Africa, it is called a crane.

In Russia, Strelitzia is bred in large pots. If you plant this exotic in the ground in the summer, it will become a decoration of the infield. On the home windowsill, the Bird of Paradise also feels great and does not require special care. True, gardeners should remember that it grows slowly. Pet owners should be aware that the leaves and flowers of the Bird of Paradise are very toxic.


At home, the lyricis has more than 20 different subspecies, but only six were brought to Russia

A perennial plant of the bulb family attracts attention with its bright color. An interesting fact: a flower never "meets" with leaves, as it grows on a separate stem. The birthplace of licorice is Japan and China, where the plant is considered the “flower of the dead" and for this reason they are never planted near the house.

Russians, alien to prejudice, use it as a garden and room decoration. An eastern guest needs a temperature of no higher than 20 ° C, drained sandy soil, a special regime of watering and lighting.

Practice shows that these flowers in our climatic conditions easily take root in the partial shade of large deciduous trees, read about it: rastenija / likoris.html


Some of the varieties of passionflower can be recognized by the names of edible fruits - granadilla and passion fruit

She is a passionflower and a cavalry star. It grows in South America, Asia, Australia and has delicious fruits, as well as bright flowers 10 cm in diameter. This is a vine that is beautiful and unpretentious. Thanks to these qualities, she is happily bred at home. It is important to remember that the germination of passionflower seeds depends on how long they were removed from the fruit. It is better to plant, getting right before planting. In order for the plant to please both flowers and berries in the future, proper pruning is required.

Kadupul - the most beautiful flower in the world

In Japan, this flower is called "The Beauty of the Moon"

This fabulous flower grows on the islands of Sri Lanka, where it is considered sacred. To see the virgin-white buds of the cadupula is a great success, because flowering is rare and lasts only two days, after which the plant acquires its former appearance.

This flower has no price. It is impossible to rip off without damaging the petals. And for those who dream of having such a treasure, an analogue is recommended - epiphyllum. It is easy to grow, grows rapidly and blooms in early summer.

Kadupul is the most expensive flower in the world - and this is despite the fact that it has never been sold.

The most beautiful flowers in the world on video

Recently it has become fashionable to breed exotic plants. This is not always a simple matter, often troublesome. When time is running out, and the soul asks for summer, you can grow ... a sunflower on the windowsill! By the way, he is also beautiful in his own way.


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